- October 11, 2016

Curbside Jones Shows Austin’s Growing Hip Hop Strength On ‘FacetimewithGod’


The current hip hop scene in Austin is exploding thanks in part to groups such as Third Root, and now we have an new entrant: Curbside Jones, who amply demonstrates the local hip hop scene’s growing strength.

With his recently released single “FacetimewithGod,” Jones focuses on memories of the past and future aspirations. Along the way, Jones shows not only how strong his emcee skills are, but how big the local hip hop scene really has become.

Over the last few weeks we’ve heard some incredibly fluid local beats that demonstrates the strength of our music scene’s most-buried genre. With the help of folks like Jones, that growth won’t be letting up any time soon. Listen to “FacetimewithGod” above.

Featured photo: Curbside Jones, Soundcloud

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