One of Austin’s favorite small businesses is looking to add some local artistic talent to their marketing materials. JuiceLand is currently in the process of creating a coloring book for its customers, and they’re looking for submissions for the book. If your artwork is chosen you will receive a copy of the book and a $50 JuiceLand gift card.

Hey artists, we're making a JuiceLand coloring book and we're taking YOUR submissions! If your artwork is chosen you'll win a $50 gift card and a free copy of the book. For more info email [email protected]! ??

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The deadline for submissions is September 15, and all entries should be mailed to Emily at JuiceLand.

JuiceLand is no stranger to super adorable cartoon versions of fruits and vegetables helping them sell their creations, so be sure your ideas can live up to the standards of the Spanish speaking wheatgrass, overly affectionate peppers, and rapping leafy greens.


New shirts on shelves. We want to be #jalapenobusiness

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