- September 8, 2016

The City Of Austin Needs ‘Zero Waste Block Leaders’ To Step Up. Are You In?


Do you want to help Austin become more environmentally conscious, while also educating your family, friends, and neighbors on the benefits of recycling, what to recycle, and how to divert items from a landfill?

You are in luck, as the Zero Waste Block Leaders program is back! Local organization Austin Resource Recovery is currently recruiting volunteers as they relaunch the Zero Waste Block program, originally started in the 90’s.

“The Zero Waste Block Leader program now has an opportunity to become bigger, better and bolder and we are eager to expand our volunteer network citywide,” Austin Resource Recovery Director Bob Gedert said in an advisory. “Block leaders play an important role in teaching their friends and neighbors about recycling, composting and reusing materials. They can engage residents who may not be aware of our programs on a grassroots neighborhood level.”

The Zero Waste Block Leader program is open to all Austin residents, no matter their living situation. Leaders serve as contact for interested residents, and they can choose their level of engagement. If you are interested in becoming a Block Leader, contact Jennifer Denton at [email protected], or visit the City of Austin’s official Block Leader page. The first orientation session is on September 17 at 1 p.m., so don’t miss out! But if you’re reading this after that date, no worries. They still need you!