Many people put a star atop their Christmas trees, but this year’s commemorative Texas Capitol ornament will make you want to put that star front and center.

The 20th annual edition of the ornament perfectly captures the elegance and stateliness of the Texas Capitol and its grounds. When you first look at the ornament, the star shape reminds you of the capitol’s stair balusters, window designs and finials atop the fence. When you look closer, you see the state seal in the middle and the intricate scrollwork and incising much like the designs in the building’s finer details. In fact, each year’s ornament reflects some aspect of the capitol’s architecture.

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Photo: Chris Sherman, <a href="" target="_blank">Over Austin</a>.

Photo: Chris Sherman, Over Austin.

Just imagine the lights on your tree shining through the gaps in the design and bouncing off the 24k gold. You’ll want all your friends to come over and see your tree.

These ornaments have been big sellers. Each year, thousands of people add a new ornament to their collections. In 2013, the state sold its one millionth ornament. Specially marked to ensure everyone knows its significance, it was sold by the Texas State Preservation Board for $5,176 in an eBay auction.

If you want to start your own collection of capitol ornaments, what better year to start than 2015? You can even purchase ornaments from the past 10 years. But the 2015 ornament stands out from past years. While still ornate, it is more understated than its predecessors. If you’ve considered buying capitol ornaments before but found them to be a bit gaudy, check out the 2015 ornament. You might find it to be more your speed.

You can purchase the ornament online, at the capitol gift shop and at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum for only $20. Proceeds from the sale go toward preserving the Texas Capitol, so you can get an awesome ornament for your tree and help keep one of Texas’s most iconic buildings in tip-top shape!   

Feature photo: Flickr user Earl McGehee, creative commons licensed.