- April 12, 2017

Check Out Abram Shook’s Gorgeous, Reflective New Acoustic Track ‘The Hours’


We haven’t heard much from Abraham Shook since 2015, but it’s clear he’s been hard at work on his new record, Love at Low Speed. One of its tracks, “The Hours,” jumps out as an immediate highlight.

With its gorgeous and reflective guitar licks, “The Hours” shows Shook fully in control of his delivery in an intimate, acoustic setting. While the guitar remains the focus, Shook also mixes in drums and overdubbed vocals to give the song a warm feel that brings it all together and makes it feel complete. That’s a characteristic that local acoustic artists tend to nail in Austin, and Shook belts it with the best of them.

Listen to “The Hours” below.

Featured photo: Abram Shook, photo by Christian Fallara

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