- July 6, 2017

#CapXTalk: Experts Discuss Finding the Right Career Path at Any Stage


When it comes to mapping out a career path, one size does not fit all and there are significant differences depending on what stage you may be at in your life. In many cases, the path forward is not necessarily a straight line or even a ladder, but can take the form of bumper cars, a merry-go-round, or a roller coaster, depending on the perceived challenges you’re facing at any given moment.

At a recent #CapXTalk panel on Mapping Your Own Career Path: Aligning Your Values with Your Career Goals at Any Stage, Capital One Money Coach Megan Lathrop sat down with career experts and entrepreneurs from LinkedIn, Zappos Insights, The LA Girl, and Times 10 to discuss their career highs and lows,  how they eventually got on the right career path, and their advice for others who are looking to start a new career or make a change.

After an early failure as a start-up founder in Silicon Valley, Andy Ku did a lot of soul-searching as he figured out what his next steps would be and what his real career values were. According to Ku, “Out of that experience, I got a lot of clarity in terms of what I want to do with my life.” His love of technology and passion for helping people find jobs ultimately led him to what he describes as his dream job as Director of Product Marketing at LinkedIn.

Ben Ricciardi, Brand Strategist and CEO of Times 10, faced similar challenges early in his career as he struggled to make a name for himself in the Los Angeles music industry. Says Ricciardi, who has always considered himself an entrepreneur at heart, “I knew I loved to market and brand… How the heck can I turn this into what I want for my career?” Following his passion eventually inspired him to start his own creative agency, where his client roster now includes top brands like Adidas and Nike.

Jon Wolske, Culture Evangelist at Zappos Insights, noted that many career paths can resemble a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, meaning that if you realize you’re stuck or not moving in the direction you want, it’s never too late to take a step back, reevaluate your priorities and goals, and choose a different path.

As a follow-up to the #CapXTalk discussion, panelist and founder of The LA Girl, Gwen Lane, hosted a series of career workshops on June 24th at the Capital One William Cannon Branch in Austin for recent graduates, people interested in a career change, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Attendees participated in interactive programming, games, and exercises designed to help them identify their career values and priorities in order to take the next step towards meeting their goals. Attendees also received free digital headshots from an on-site professional photographer.

Austin residents are also encouraged to sign up for free Capital One Money Coaching sessions at the William Cannon or Braker Capital One locations in Austin. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed about money, or thinking about making a big life change, a Money Coach can help you get closer to your goals by taking control of your relationship with money, identifying what’s really important, and helping you find new perspective and confidence.

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