- November 17, 2016

CapMetro May Be Eliminating Some Key Routes Soon

Big changes are afoot for the CapMetro public transit system under the Connections 2025 plan, and several key routes are on the chopping block. The plan aims to expand ridership overall, but that goal hasn’t settled all nerves.

The Statesman brings us the latest:

That plan, still a work in progress but nearing its final form, would eliminate at least four routes, including the No. 19 that goes along Bull Creek Road by the proposed Grove at Shoal Creek development on its way to Northwest Hills; replace almost 30 others with pieces of other routes; change the alignment or the frequency, or both, of 31 bus routes; and consolidate 11 bus routes. Beyond that, the agency would create 14 new routes.

The agency’s regular customers, in other words, would have a new system on their hands.

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