- October 24, 2011

Cabela’s – A Taxidermy Wonderland

On a recent trip to Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, we made a quick pit stop at Cabela’s in Buda. We didn’t have long, but the kids had a fun time exploring while there. Cabela’s, if you have never been, is a national chain of hunting and fishing superstores, which are filled to the brim with wildlife displays (of both the living and stuffed varieties).
At the Buda location, stuffed geese hang in formation from the ceiling, running water cascades past stuffed deer and moose into a koi pond, and a walk-through aquarium boasts (live) fish and turtles galore.  The 185,000-square-foot showroom is billed as an educational and entertainment attraction and, because Cabela’s is a retail store, you can visit for free!
At first, my kids thought it was a bit odd to see museum-quality animals like elephants and polar bears, stuffed and on display.  But they did warm up to the re-creations of natural habitats, and quite enjoyed being able to inspect the marvels of taxidermy, which were almost close enough to touch.
We visited Africa….

The Great White North…

And North America (where the talking animatronic man below bears an uncanny resemblance to my father-in-law)….

Cabela’s is located just off I-35 and, in case you find yourself in need of one, has nice clean bathrooms.
For more information about the store, check out the Cabela’s Buda website.