- June 28, 2016

We Can’t Wait For The South Austin Moonlighters’ New Album!


When you bring together four established Austin musicians, anything can happen. The South Austin Moonlighters are proof positive of this fact.

Founded in 2014, the group consists of members Phil Bass, Chris Beall, Phil Hurley, and Lonnie Trevino Jr., all of whom were just looking for a chance to “moonlight” when not playing their regular gigs. What you get from the band is a clear passion for music and a way of getting inside the listener’s head with their honest lyrics.

While The South Austin Moonlighters have taken a few years between releases, fans itching for new music won’t have to wait long as the band will be releasing their second full length album, Ghost of a Small Town on July 12th. Their new track, “You, Love & Me,” is currently featured on the band’s site as a preview for the LP.

An up-tempo track that features an experimental edge with a country twang, “You, Love & Me” is a positive introduction to the album as it gives fans a good idea of what to expect. From that song alone, it’s clear The Moonlighters have set themselves up to make a big splash.

You can catch these guys next on July 2nd at Baker Street Pub & Grill. Take a listen to “You, Love & Me” below.


Featured photo: Darina Neyret


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