- June 23, 2014

How to Have a Blast at #BASHH


Since 2007, The Big Ass Social Happy Hour (aka The #BASHH) has brought Austin professionals of various ilk together for drinks, food and no-hassle networking. The latest is coming up on Thursday, June 26th at The Brew Exchange and is free to attend (RSVPs are not required, but doing so can showing up on time can score you a free drink ticket or two).

So, what is #BASHH like? Well, according to co-founder Lani Rosales,

BASHH is usually in a bar in downtown Austin, and is a large group of people that come together because they want to meet new people and mingle with old friends they’ve made at BASHH. There is usually beer involved, and sometimes some business card swapping, but it’s never forced, you never have to listen to a seminar, and no one is selling you anything.

Here’s a few other tips to make your night go more smoothly:

  • Plan ahead for parking. Austin isn’t the Mayberry-esque idyllic small town it used to be, so either figure out where you’re gonna park your hybrid or plan on hiking. 
  • If you arrive early enough and get a drink ticket, keep in mind it’s not for anything behind the bar. Usually the location holding the event with have a signature mix or brew thy want to highlight and the ticket will be good for that. It’s still free booze, so no whining.
  • The sign-in table where you get your nametag (slap yo’ Twitter handle on there, too, son!) will also contain small, neon sticker with phrases like “I’m new”, “I’m single”, or “Hire me!”, among others. Don’t hesitate to put these on your nametag – it’s a great way to break the ice.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk up to someone new and start talking to them. Clique-y behavior is discouraged and everyone is encourage to meet as many people as they can. Feel free to hand out business cards if you have them, but don’t feel obligated to or embarrassed if you don’t have any.

And, finally, 9 tips for newbies:

  1. Don’t be shy, even if you’re shy. Everyone is there to mingle.
  2. Don’t shove your card down anyone’s throat. Aggressive sales are always rejected at BASHH.
  3. Have fun. Period. BASHH is only successful for you if you want it to be. (We also hear a lot of “you get out what you put in” sentiments)
  4. Dress like you’re going to a casual dinner with friends from out of town. No ties are required, and business casual or casual is fine, but photographers will be there, so you’ll want to be aware that images of you will pop up on the internet, so if you want to look fly, that’s okay too.
  5. Listen well. People that yap without listening don’t fit the culture of BASHH. We’re all here to mingle, not to listen to soapboxing or a snake oil sales pitch.
  6. Timing is important. If you arrive too late, you won’t get a complimentary adult drink, and if you arrive too early, you may have to stand outside in the weather, so being on time is usually best.
  7. BASHH is not Vegas. Yes, we’re all drinking, but if you get up on the bar to dance, pictures may be taken, and when you don’t remember it the next day, you’ll feel pretty dumb, so drink, but do so in moderation, this is still a networking event.
  8. Be prepared to miss work on Friday. You heard us. We can’t tell you how many people call in sick on Fridays after BASHH due to having too much fun on a school night. Some people even plan to take the day off.
  9. Don’t forget to network. After the first hour, you may feel like you’re just hanging out with friends, but be sure to introduce yourself to other people, mingle, approach the person sitting alone in the corner, and just impose.

For more details or to RSVP, head over to the #BASHH website and get all the deets.

Headline photo courtesy of Lani Rosales