- June 3, 2013

Best Free Fun in Austin – 2013


The people have spoken! The votes have been tallied! Thank you to everyone who took the time to share a few of their favorite free spots around Austin. There are some new-to-me places on this list of winning locales that I can’t wait to check out. Hopefully you will find some inspiration here as well. We certainly aren’t hurting for free fun in our city!

Splash Pad 

Free Pool 
Swimming Hole 
Summer Event
Picnic Spot 

Free Place to Visit Animals 
Duck-Feeding Location 
Place to Ride a Bike 
Skate Park 
Free Yoga/Workout 

Farmer’s Market 

Food Trailer 
Restaurant Where Kids Eat Free 
Restaurant With a Playground 


Place to Take a Family Photo 
Spot to Host a Free Birthday Party 
Free Festival 
Free Tour/Family Field Trip 
Volunteer as a Family
Spot to Take Out-of-Town Guests 
Dog Park 
Free Stargazing 
Free Theatre 
Free Live Music Venue 
Story Time 
Free Craft/Workshop 
Free/Cheap Movie Venue 
Free Museum 
Free Demo Class 
That’s a total of 69 local hot spots. What would you recommend as a “must visit” destination, to make it an even 70?