- May 20, 2016

#Besomebody Heads For Boston To Try Changing the World

The app that has given plenty of Austinites the opportunity to learn and experience everything from yoga to photography is making big moves to Boston to expand its work. The Besomebody app has been a big part of the recent motivational movement, connecting learners to teachers through a marketplace that sets up informal, experiential education.

According to a press release, Besomebody’s headquarters including staff from core operation (CEO, CTO, and Chief of Staff), strategy, and product development teams will move to Boston. There are three main reasons for the move, including the ability to work closely with new partners and investors in the area and to grow their Marketplace in a new area (the Northeast is the most densely populated area of the country).

The third reason for their move is the one that might actually resonate most with Austinites who are sad to see a local business move its operations. When Besomebody first began it seemed like a nice idea, breaking down the barriers that made it difficult for people to share their talents and skills with others while making some extra cash, but now it has the potential to be so much more than that.

With the student loan crisis receiving more and more attention it looks like Besomebody is making big strides to address a very serious topic with innovative ideas and solutions. What started as a rose colored concept that saw people with extra disposable income seeking improve their lives by learning how to watercolor paint on the weekends is now growing toward potentially changing our entire education system. The move to Boston allows the company to focus more on Experiential Learning, a part of their broader vision, in the town that houses the most institutions of higher learning in the world.

“The ultimate vision for our Marketplace is Experiential Learning,” said Kash Shaikh, Besomebody, Inc. Founder and CEO. “The current education system is broken, and doesn’t work for a very large group of people. We know because we’ve spent the last three years talking to tens of thousands of teachers and students and parents across the world. And tens of thousands of people who are stuck in jobs they hate while paying off loans for degrees they never wanted in the first place. That student debt crisis is crippling the futures of so many people – last year was a record year of student debt, at $1.2 Trillion. We believe the future of education lies in passion-based Experiential Learning, and we’re excited to move further down that path in Boston, the global epicenter for education.”

Besomebody isn’t leaving Austin completely behind, though. Their content and creative teams will remain here, and most of their current clientele and “passionaries” are here, as Austin has been their test market focus since inception in March 2013. The remaining Austin team will also continue to grow the grow the Marketplace in the area.

“Austin will always be a huge part of the #besomebody story, and it will always have a very special place in my heart,” said Shaikh. “Aside from going to school here and having my family here, every big part of the #besomebody journey started here. From our global graffiti tour in 2013, which began with a beautiful mural on the side of the University of Texas Co-Op building, to the opening of our first office in East Austin, we shared so many special moments in this city. We will always be connected to Austin, and most importantly, the friendships and relationships we’ve built along the way will stay with us forever.”

Along with the announcement of the move, Besomebody has teased expanded product offerings that include new paths for Experiential learning and a stronger web presence in the coming months. The Besomebody app is available for free on iOS.


Featured image courtesy of Besomebody