- December 17, 2014

This Beautiful Julian Acosta Music Video Will Make You Fall In Love With Austin

Stop what you are doing. Sit down. Open a beer. Got all of that? No? We’ll wait… Okay, no we won’t. You just have to see this.

Austin musician Julian Acosta released a video in September for his song “This Town,” and it didn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. “This Town” is nothing short of a love letter to the city of Austin that captures this town’s special qualities in a way that very few works of art ever have. Even if you’ve never been here, this video will make you fall in love with Austin. And for everyone who is here, this is video is a powerful reminder of why we’re all so determined to stick around these parts and make the best of it in central Texas.

Click the image above to give it a watch.

Acosta, who is originally from Mexico, told Austin.com that he used to skip college classes and drive north of the border all the way to Austin, just to hang out with friends for a week at a time. “And when I got out of college I said, ‘Where do I want to go?’ Austin was where I wanted to go,” he said. “[Austin is] a place to me that’s very special. It’s where I choose to make my life, to do the best I can and be the best that I can.”

If you like the song and video, consider buying Julian’s album “High 5.” He’s selling it for $9.99, and it comes on a USB stick that’s also a bottle opener, which is pretty dang neat. You can find it right here.