- January 20, 2015

Austin’s OraCola Really Wants Y’all To Take The Right Exit


Hello Tarot-Scope seekers! We’re a couple of weeks into calendar year 2015 and the usual New Year’s adjustment fog has lifted. This means it’s a great time venture outside of your routine and explore someplace new.

You are reading "The Ora-Cola," a blog by the one and only Arcie Cola!

You are reading “Tarot-Scope,” a blog by the one and only Arcie Cola!

Since this is Texas, we’ll probably need four wheels to get there, so this week’s Tarot spread is the 3 Way Exit. It’s like the exit off eastbound Koenig Ln, which gives you the choice of Airport Blvd, I-35S, or 290E.

Those three roads lead to very different places, so let’s consider what each exit has to offer.




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Follow your ambitions, your dreams, or your needs, but try to be good driver.


The first available exit leads down the road of self actualization. The Emperor is in command of his territory, period. Whether he’s a good leader or an awful tyrant, he makes the rules. The health and vitality of the empire is a direct result of his good or bad decisions. If you choose this exit, you should strive to be more like Henry V, rather than Richard III. Survey your domain, see what areas need attention, then conquer your foes and restore peace and prosperity to your kingdom. Take command–it’s your domain!

The next ramp leads to the the Star. If you’ve ever taken that particular I-35 exit, you know you can come down that flyover and see a wall of vehicles, or a rapid conveyer belt of wheels. It’s a leap of faith, and once you’re on the ramp, you can’t change your mind. If you choose this route, it doesn’t hurt to say a few prayers, carry a lucky charm, or make a wish. Just accept that the conditions you face are the direct result of your choice. If we’re where we need to be, the Universe will keep things moving in the right direction. If we’re recklessly speeding around the corner, expect a slow-down or *gasp* even a ticket!

If you don’t choose the first two exits, you will find yourself heading out into the World. Highway 290 leads beyond the city limits, toward many parts unknown. We often find inspiration while venturing outside our usual territory, so fill up the tank, consult a good map, and explore. Taking a road trip requires planning, but it also leads to new horizons. Of course, you should make sure your affairs are in order before you set out on your journey. Running away from a mess never cleans it up, and you should never leave candles burning, lest you come back to a house on fire!

At the beginning of the year, the Universe urged us to try a new route. If you heeded the call, you’ve already passed some interesting sights, and may have ended up in some unexpected places. There are plenty of crossroads to navigate along our respective paths, and we can’t always take the scenic route. But if we keep our focus on our intended destination, we can still enjoy the trip. Which exit is calling to you?


Photo: Flickr user Frank Kovalchek, creative commons licensed.