- April 25, 2016

Austinites React to Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere

Needles to say, but we will anyway — spoilers ahead!

Season 6 of “Game of Thrones” got off to a pretty great start, even though that thing that everyone was hoping would happen didn’t happen. We got all that we expect from a GoT premiere — death, drama, and gratuitous nudity. Here are just a few reactions about the premiere from Austinites:

Because it really should be an official holiday.


Carolina properly expressed our anticipation as the clock counted down.


Mario is all of us waiting patiently in our living rooms.


And yours truly prepped for the episode with a little Season 5 character recap through a hazy lens.

Dex spoke unfortunate truths.


But they can’t kill off a president, right?


King of Geeks, Harry Knowles, knows that his cats are the only ones he can trust to not spoil the show.

Correction: Knowles tweeted to tell me they’re puppies, not cats. I guess Mr. Peanut Butter just sounded very feline to me.


His weren’t the only cats eager to see what fate befell Jon Snow (but probably weren’t particularly worried about what was up with Ghost).


Though some unfortunate souls just don’t get it…


This beautiful soul threw a “Game of Thrones” costume party, and everyone managed to look absolutely stunning, no matter how drunk they were.

Eli grabbed the comfy seat to watch the show.


Matt said what we’ve all been thinking ever since the Starks first uttered their family words.


One of our favorite local Twitter personalities summed up the realities of cable TV programming and relationships.


Because grannies are so hot right now.


ATX Television Fest teamed up with HBO and Alamo Drafthouse to throw a premiere party, turning the doors of Alamo into The Wall and the rest of Austin into the Wildlings, hoping to get in.


Complete with scavenger hunt and punny team names.


Here’s the menu from the party, each food pun as great as the one before it.


Me? I’m just here for the accessories.


Katey wasn’t at all happy with some of the patronizing reviews of the episode. We’re with ya, Katey.


Until next week, y’all! And if you weren’t lucky enough to get your ex to cough up one of those passwords, North Door is showing “Game of Thrones” every weekend on their big screen (for free!)


What did you think about the Season 6 premiere of “Game of Thrones”?


Featured image courtesy of HBO