- November 28, 2017

Austinites Are Scoring Holiday Cash By Helping Protect Lives. Here’s How!

Are you looking to score a little extra spending money in time for the holidays? Austin-based Tekton Research has a deal you should hear about. Right now, they are conducting medical research that helps protect millions of lives, and they need your help!

Their current trials include those for Dengue Fever, migraines, eczema, and acne (acne studies are open to ages 9+, while all other studies require age 18+). Participants can earn up to $1,000 for their help, which usually involves making a few office visits for checkups.

Provided by Tekton Research

“When you participate in a research study, you are monitored by a physician throughout the study,” Tekton Research’s website explains. “Most studies require you to come in for office visits throughout the study, which often include symptom-derived physical exams, vital signs, ECGs, and blood draws. You have access to this information when it is made available to us. You are in good care when you participate in a research study at Tekton Research.”

Learn more about Tekton Research, their upcoming studies, and get some insight as to why you should participate on their website. When you’re ready to enroll or ask more questions, go online or give them a call at 512.388.5717. Their team is happy to chat with you and see if you qualify for an upcoming study.

And once you’ve got that proverbial phat cash, you’ll want to check out our giant list of gift guides. There’s something on our guides for everyone to love this holiday, and you’ll be able to afford all if it thanks to Tekton Research!

This post was sponsored by Tekton Research. Photos provided by sponsor.