- December 19, 2016

Austin Weather Man And Dancer Perform ‘LA LA LAND’ Number Before City Skyline

Remember that time FonsPR thoroughly freaked us all out by hanging hundreds of handmade stick figures all along South Congress to promote the new Blair Witch movie? Well, those same folks recently undertook a new campaign and we’re pleased to report that this time around, they seem focused on making people feel happy.

On December 15, FonsPR published a video of two Austinites performing a dance number from LA LA LAND, a musical featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone that hit theaters in mid December. In the film, KEYE-CBS weatherman and We Are Austin co-host Jordan Steele and local dancer Yelena Laningham spin and dip on the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge, set to the backdrop of the Lamar Train Bridge graffiti and Austin’s skyline.

The result is, as Slash Film quotes Brandy Fons of FonsPR, a beautiful “love letter to to the award-nominated film and our gorgeous city and being dreamers.” Watch the dance here:

Reportedly, Steele, who isn’t a dancer, trained with Laningham for several weeks to hone his dancing technique, learn the steps, and film this thing. Sir, we are impressed!

The second facet of FonsPR’s promotional efforts took place at Mount Bonnell, where they installed huge 3-foot-tall white block letters spelling out “LA LA LAND” — Hollywood style. Luckily, Chris Sherman, the aerial Austin photographer behind Over Austin was there to document the spectacle with his camera drone.


The Statesman also grabbed this fabulous shot of the temporary signage. Read their full coverage here.

Featured photo: Screenshot from “LA LA LAND ‘A Lovely Night’ Austin TX” video.