- November 10, 2016

Annie Ferreri, Founder of Parenters, Offers Customized Support for Austin Families


Austin, Texas is a pretty great place to live if you have an entrepreneurial streak and want to start your own business. So many interesting and inspiring Austinites are forging new paths and making a difference in the lives of others. We love our small business community, and want to celebrate Austin’s hard-working small business founders, so we’re excited to introduce some of them to you through a series of interviews.


Annie Ferreri, Founder of Parenters

What is Parenters?

Parenters connects families to trusted advisers for in-home, child-specific guidance, education, and support. We provide one-on-one consulting services to families on child development, health and nutrition, learning and education, special education, preschool and school selection, emotional development, family relationships and more. Visit the website to learn about each family adviser and all of the services offered by Parenters.

What is your vision for Parenters?

Parenters is continuously growing and expanding the services we offer to families. We want to be the resource parents and families turn to anytime they seek direction or simply want to learn more about their child’s development. From pregnancy through college planning, we will be there for our families.

What was your motivation for starting Parenters?

I had been in childcare for years before I ventured into corporate finance. It was clear to me after a few years in finance that my heart was in helping children and families. I always wanted to create a business that supported families in a way that was needed and beneficial. It took some brainstorming, but ultimately I realized that individualized guidance was the most effective way to support families. Families are so different and supporting them should not be generalized, but that’s not to say community support isn’t beneficial and needed as well. I started Parenters to support each family who seeks advice, guidance or education on an individual level.

What has been the most pleasant surprise about starting your own business in Austin?

All of the free resources of course! Austin is remarkably supportive of small businesses and provides new business owners with all the resources needed to get started. I was so impressed with the support, mentoring, tools, classes, seminars, and events available in this city when I started my business. I took advantage of every opportunity I could to learn what I needed to run a small business. If you haven’t read my blog post on the top 10 free resources in Austin for small business owners, you should check it out!

Where do you go to escape when you’re having a “small business owner day”?


Annie at one of her favorite spots in Austin, Mount Bonnell.

The beautiful parks around the city! I live west of Austin in the hill country and am in awe every day by how beautiful it is here. I take my two rescue dogs with me. They definitely love when I need to get out and go for a walk with them. I also recently started barre. I find it to be a wonderful way to free my mind and refocus.

What would you say is the number one reason Austin is a great place to raise a family?

The community and family support available in this city! I’ve lived in a few other cities before moving to Austin; the resources available to families in this city are exceptional. Austin is truly a wonderful city to raise a family. There are many passionate individuals and businesses here who are devoted to helping families individually and as a community. Not to mention all of the family-friendly events this city has on a daily basis! I personally am so thankful that we ended up in Austin and will be raising our family in this city one day.

I’m also going to share a very special, and my favorite, picture of my husband and I on the day we got married, just us. This is also where my husband proposed to me – on the 360 Overlook – in case you don’t believe how much we love this city!

Annie Ferreri, Owner/Founder, Parenters

Annie Ferreri, Owner/Founder, Parenters, and her husband.

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