- July 26, 2016

Austin Punkers Basketball Shorts May Have A Hit With ‘Romo To Dez’


Austin’s energetic pop-punk band Basketball Shorts recently released their new album Hot and Ready, and it’s definitely worth checking out. The record’s bouncy personality will be a hit with locals who want to see a fun group that doesn’t take things to seriously.

Providing fans with an entertaining listen from start to finish, Hot and Heavy’s best track is “Romo to Dez,” a song that brings together pop-punk’s beginnings. The influences from bands such as The Ramones to more recent acts such as Neck Deep are pretty clear. This not only gives fans a great representation of the genre, but also clearly indicates the band’s talent for their craft.

Check out the song by clicking on the photo above, and keep an eye out for these guys. Basketball Shorts has a promising future if the band members really stick with their dreams.

Featured photo: Tina Le


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