- January 25, 2016

Austin Police Association Files Grievance Against APD


The Austin Police Association filed a grievance Friday in connection to the indefinite suspension (civil service for “firing”) of Johnny McMiller, a lieutenant with the department who lost his job on Dec. 14 for violating APD policies pertaining to honesty, insubordination, neglect of duty, and the department’s guidelines for secondary employment.

Specifically, McMiller, a 22-year veteran, was terminated for the manner in which he handled the misconduct of Sgt. Nathaniel Roberts. Roberts, who joined the force in Feb. 2000, was suspended for 60 days on Dec. 1 for violating APD’s secondary employment guidelines when on June 6 he clocked in 3.5 hours early for his secondary gig running security for Capital Metro, then proceeded to go home, eat dinner, and handle some home improvement projects – all while remaining clocked in to his assigned shift. Roberts remained at his home and on the clock until 3am the following morning – well past the 1:30am time at which he was supposed to finish. (Roberts was also fired from his job with Capital Metro.)