- September 14, 2016

Austin Pets Alive! Needs Your Help to Help Louisiana’s Stranded Pets

Lending a hand during a tragedy may not always be feasible for everyone who really wants to help, especially when that tragedy is more than 400 miles away. Austinites are a helpful bunch, however, and we always want to keep our readers informed about opportunities to help out.

We recently told you about a few local businesses and organizations sending help, raising funds, and collecting items to help the flooding victims in Baton Rouge and nearby areas. Now another local organization needs help. According to a recent press release, Austin Pets Alive! has taken in 25 dogs from the recent flooding in Baton Rouge. Sadly, these dogs are unable to return to their former homes and families, and now APA! is looking for assistance from the Austin community to find them new ones.

“APA! has been asked to take in approximately 25 dogs permanently displaced by flooding in Louisiana,” said Mike Kaviani, APA!’s Director of Lifesaving Operations. “We really want to help these animals, but can’t do so at the expense of our own community’s dogs and cats.”

Here are a few ways that the Austin community can help:

  • Adopt or long-term foster one (or more) of the 25 dogs. To become a foster, complete the application here and a member of the Foster Program will touch base to get you started.
  • Donate to the fund that will help to provide medical care for these dogs. They need to raise approximately $12,500 ($500 per dog) to cover the costs.
  • Volunteer to help transport the dogs from Louisiana to Austin. Fortunately, the Humane Society of the United States will cover the transport costs for the dogs. Those interested in volunteering in this capacity can fill out this form.

“The devastation in Louisiana is so heartbreaking, and we really want to be able to take in these animals so that the tragedy isn’t compounded by them losing their lives.” said Dr. Ellen Jefferson, APA!’s Executive Director. “Our lifesaving mission is here locally but we can’t turn our back on animals that are facing a natural disaster. If this happened in Austin, we would need and want the help of the rest of the country to recover.”

Featured photo courtesy Austin Pets Alive!