- June 10, 2016

Austin Musician Brent Pennington Releases Calming New Tune “This Time Is No Friend Of Mine”



Local musician Brent Pennington has played a role in plenty of local bands including The Channel, Golden Bear, and Leatherbag, though this time, Pennington wants to shake things up a bit by going solo under the moniker The Deserter.

While all of the songs on his debut At Home are a worthwhile listen, it’s the track “This Time Is No Friend of Mine” that we want to highlight today. “This Time…” begins with a light strum of an acoustic guitar and Pennington’s light and airy voice, creating the perfect environment for an acoustic tune.

Adding a country influence with a banjo and minimal drums played by his brother-in-law Andrew McAllister, Brent knows how to carry the music all on his own, and while Austinites have enjoyed hearing his other musical projects, The Deserter is his strongest venture to date, leaving us satisfied that we have found our new favorite local act.

You can check out the song, via Austin blog Ovrld, by clicking the picture above.


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