- March 7, 2016

Austin May Soon Have Fourth Cab Company to Call for Rides

The subject of Austin’s transportation options is certainly a touchy one, but may be spurring the competitive spirit to provide better services to Austinites as taxi driver co-ops are in the process of being created. These co-ops could lead to better outcomes for drivers, as they would own a share of the company and split the profits, reports KXAN. Today is the last day that the city will accept applications for permits for the co-op applications.

The good news for Austinites who don’t drive cabs is that this could open the way for a fourth cab company to come to Austin, giving us all more options at 2am on a Saturday night. Current Austin cab companies include Yellow Cab, Austin Cab Company, and Lone Star Cab. The vote on proposed rideshare safety regulations is set for May 7.