- August 9, 2021

Here Are Our Favorite Austin Bookstores For All Kinds Of Readers!

Austin has been named one of the top cities in the world for bookstores per capita, which isn’t much of a surprise to avid readers who call Austin home. Not only does the city have a great amount of bookstores, it also has a different type of store for every bookworm personality. Here are just a few of our favorite bookstores, no matter how discerning the bibliophile:

For Those Who Have to Crack Open Their Piggy Banks for New Books


For Those Who Want to Make the World a Better Place (and Remember the 5th of November)


For Those Who Like Their Covers Soft and Their Novels Graphic


For Those who Love a Dusty Binding


For Those Who Are Looking for a Great Deal


For Those Who Like to Dig for Books in Unusual Settings


For Those Who Love Everything Austin


For Those Who Like a Little Enlightenment in Their Reading


For Those Who Like Reading About/From Strong Women


And while it’s not a place to buy books, the Austin Public Library system pretty much rules. Don’t forget that in a town with rising rents and very few free parking spaces, you can still grab some knowledge for free.


What are some of your favorite Austin bookstores? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured photo courtesy of Book People’s Instagram 

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