- July 5, 2016

Austin’s Beloved Independence Brewing Strikes Massive Deal With Lagunitas


Keeping Austin’s newfound brewing culture on the map, Independence Brewing Co has struck an investment deal with Lagunitas Brewing Company, located in Petaluma, California. Lagunitas Brewing Company is one of the most well-known brewing companies in the United States.

While the full details of the deal have not been released to the public, we do know that it will expand the 12-year old brewery to levels it hasn’t seen in its short history. While the brewery currently pumps out 18,000 barrels a year, with this new investment deal, they are hoping to churn out 65,000-75,000 barrels within the next few years.

The expansion and investment deal came about when Independence needed to buy more equipment to keep up with its growth, and decided to sell off some the company’s stock. As it turns out, the deal had a local spin. Independence co-founder Amy Cartwright tells Austin CultureMap, “We thought it would be private equity groups that we would be dealing with, but as timing would have it, the Lagunitas folks saw the offering. They were in Austin for SXSW and came by for a visit. We discussed both of our breweries and goals over tacos and beers, and just hit it off. We have a lot of similar experiences, and we like the same kind of beers.”

And while their business will be growing tremendously, the Independence team will remain the same, sticking with the same people and model that has made them a standout beer company. While co-founder Amy Cartwright does not foresee any changes to how the company brews their beer, she does expect the company to become more active in hosting events and participating in charity events held at their tap room and at other locations throughout Texas.

Due to both companies’ and their mutual love for hoppy beers, perhaps the most common question for both of them, is whether or not they will release a collaborative beer with Cartwright saying, “I hope so. Lagunitas has never done a collaboration beer before, but I think we have a like-minded love of hoppy beers.”