- July 25, 2016

Aus10™ Rocks: You Need These Austin Bands In Your Life This Week


Time for another Aus10 Rocks playlist! We’ve got Austin bands like Blue Cartoon, Shawn Colvin, Shearwater, Voxtrot, and more. Let’s get this week off right.

Marcia Ball: Born in Vinton, Louisiana blues vocalist Marcia Ball began her career in Austin in 1970. Known for her incredible voice and lively tunes, Ball’s songs are a perfect way to kick off your week.

Song: The Party’s Still Going On

The Black and White Years: After forming in college in Nashville in 2006, Austin art rock band The Black and White Years relocated to Texas from Nashville in order to kickstart their career. With their creative and unique tracks, the band will certainly be a hit among indie fans. Take a listen to the song “To Modern Science” to hear their lively and memorable tunes.

Song: To Modern Science

Blue Cartoon: Formed in the Bay Area, the group found themselves calling Austin home in 1992. Here ever since, we think you will enjoy this rock band and their catchy pop rock tunes. Take a listen to their song “I Want You Anyway” to get a taste for their Elvis Costello inspired material.

Song: I Want You Anyway

Shawn Colvin: Shawn Colvin is a longtime Austin folk musician that takes us into her world through song. On the track “When You Know,” we hear Colvin’s beautiful voice and delicate guitar playing, which pulls us into the song immediately. If you are looking for an easy start to your week, Shawn Colvin should be at the top of the list.

Song: When You Know

Feathers: After moving from their home state of New York in 2011, electronic band Feathers released their debut album If All Now Here in 2013 and have gone to open for band’s such as Depeche Mode. To get a taste of their music, check out the song “Fire in the Night.”

Song: Fire in the Night

Golden Arm Trio: Fronted by musician Graham Reynolds, Austin band Golden Arm Trio is perhaps one of the more interesting band’s you will hear in town. Reminiscent of now defunct classical band Mundi, Golden Arm Trio performs music that sounds like it would belong in a film score, making for an interesting listen. To get a feel for their sound, check out the song “The End of Speedy Jinx.”

Song: The End of Speedy Jinx

Shearwater: Formed in 1999 as a quieter outlet for songs frontman Jonathan Meiburg and former member Will Sheff were collaborating on, Shearwater perform music that is relaxing and mellow, sure to make your start to the week an easy one. Check out “Quiet Americans” for an introduction to their sound.

Song: Quiet Americans

Kathy Valentine: Making a name for herself as a member of the female rock band The Go-Go’s, native Austinite Kathy Valentine has started up a new project where she performs music that sounds similar to her old group. Check out the song “Retouch Me” to get a feel for her new style.

Song: Retouch Me

Wiretree: Formed in 2007, Wiretree is an indie rock band that write catchy songs that have a surf-rock feel to them. If you are looking for something light to listen to today, than Wiretree should do the trick.

Song: To The Moon

Voxtrot: Formed in the mid 2000’s, Voxtrot was a local act that wrote songs that were all their own. With songs such as “Soft & Warm,” Voxtrot play colorful songs that indie rock fans will love. They played their last show in 2010.

Song: Soft & Warm