- June 27, 2016

Aus10™ Rocks: Kick Out The Jams With Our Weekly Playlist, June 27 – July 3


Need some great local bands to listen to this week? We’ve included ten bands from different genres and decades to give our readers a varied playlist to suit everyone’s tastes and styles. From Jamestown Revival, Quiet Company, Holiday Mountain, and Riddlin’ Kids, we’ve got it all. Reply in the comments below to tell us your favorite pick for the week!

Jamestown Revival

Jamestown Revival is a group that every Austinite should know about. Getting their start in Magnolia, Texas, the Americana-country band have become popular throughout the country with appearances at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, SXSW, Austin City Limits, and Conan. Releasing their record Utah in 2014, the group write songs that are rich in storytelling, while introducing their audience to their raw talent.

Holiday Mountain

While Austin’s trademark phrase “Keep Austin Weird” is still going strong, Boston transplants Lauren Patino (keys and vocals,) and drummer Zander Kagle started Holiday Mountain in 2011 at Berklee School of Music and moved to Austin where they’ve been ever since. While our city has its fair share of interesting groups, Holiday Mountain takes the cake. Performing electronic music that is as addicting as it is strange, the duo has a loyal following that is enthusiastic about the songs they release. A new full length record will be out soon following up 2015’s You Be You, Part One.

Riddlin’ Kids

Formed in 1999 after members Dustin Stroud (guitar and vocals) and Clint Baker (bass and vocals) met while working together in a pizza parlor, Riddlin’ Kids became a punk band known in the community and throughout the United States. Releasing their albums Hurry Up and Wait (2002) and Stop the World (2004,) the band began to feel burned out after touring for five years to promote both records. While Riddlin’ Kids broke up in 2005, they have since played several reunion shows in Austin.


With their hit singles “The Way” and “Sooner or Later,” local rock band Fastball was a popular act in the 90’s due to their successful record All the Pain Money Can Buy released in 1999. Still sounding relevant seventeen years later is a tough thing for any group, yet Fastball have been able to skip that and still have a local presence within Austin, while also touring in the United States.

Quiet Company

One of Austin’s most loved acts, Quiet Company writes songs that invoke nostalgia but also dive deep into front man Taylor Muse’ emotions that make fans feel as if they can relate to Muse’ inner struggles, creating a passionate band to fan exchange. This has led to the bands success while also allowing them to gain a tight knit fan base of local supporters.

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

Considering themselves to be a mix between classic rock and goth rock, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness has a steady following in Austin. Formed in 2003, the group released several albums before going on an eight-year hiatus in 2006. They released their most recent LP titled Dust in 2014.

The Jesus Lizard

Formed in 1987 in Austin, The Jesus Lizard became a leading rock band across college radio stations in the United States, while developing an underground following. The band caught the attention of Capitol Records in 1995 and recorded the track “Panic in Cicero” which made its way into the movie Clerks. In the mid 2000’s the group decided to disband, allowing the band members to pursue new life ventures outside of The Jesus Lizard. In 2013, the band released a DVD titled Club, which was a concert DVD and double LP of the bands 2009 performance at the Exit/In in Nashville.

The Low Lows

Avant-garde and country act The Low Lows put an artsy twist on music as their music is a smattering of different feelings and sounds. Forming in Athens, Georgia in 2005, the current lineup now resides in Austin. Gaining critical acclaim for their hard to label musical style, The Low Lows are one of the many reasons why Austin’s music scene can be quite interesting due to its variety of bands and genres.

Dangerous Toys

Formed in 1987, Dangerous Toys found success after a publishing representative signed the group after watching them perform at SXSW, while eventually signing on with Columbia Records. Due to an ever changing lineup the band had trouble sticking together during their active years. After releasing a live album Vitamins and Crash Helmets in 1999, they decided to slow down. While Dangerous Toys is no longer considered active, they do regroup to perform one show per year.


Peel is an indie rock band who was active in Austin from 2004 to 2009. The band would on to release a self-titled full length album and an EP titled August Exhaust Pipes in 2008. While the group has remained inactive since this period, they have released a new song titled “Just Do It” which appeared on Spotify in May.


Featured photo: Fastball

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