- October 24, 2016

Aus10™ Rocks: Here’s Some Austin Music To Get Your Week Started!


To kick off our playlist this week, we have artist such as Nick Allison, The Geezinlaws, and Single Lash. All three bands, as well as the others featured on this list, have contributed to the Austin music scene in a big way, as well as shaping its history. Check out our picks below to hear what we’ve chosen. Do you have a favorite song? Tell us in the comments!

Nick Allison

Nick Allison is an indie pop musician who moved to the Live Music Capital in 2011, and began playing with the band Church Shoes. After the group split in 2015, Allison can now be seen live with his new band The Players Lounge.

The Geezinslaws

The Geezinslaws are an Austin country-comedy act that have been performing for more than 50 years. During the early days of their career, they got a chance to open for Elvis and appear on the Louisiana Hayride radio show.

Single Lash

Performing goth music mixed with elements of dream pop, Austin act Single Lash has been making a name for themselves throughout Austin for a while now. To get a feel for their style, take a listen to their song “False.”

Major Major Major

With carefree tracks such as “Scream Queen” we can’t think of a better way to start your week. With simple guitar riffs and great vocals from front man Adrian Sebastian, Major Major Major will be stuck in your head until next Monday.


Releasing their debut record Last Fruit in the next few weeks, UVH is an act that you will become attached to quickly. If you are interested in checking out the band, they will be playing an album release show at the Barracuda on October 30th.


Brazos, who began in Austin, have released two records full of indie rock tracks that are infectious and gravitating. With tracks like “Kid,” Brazos is the perfect band to kick off your week.

 Howlin’ Waters Band

Country rock band Howlin Waters Band has been playing around Austin for some time and with their entertaining performances and fantastic songs, this band is perfect to get your week started out right.

Calliope Musicals

When listening to “Echos of the Whoos,” by local act Calliope Musicals, we immediately get a spring in our step, as the track makes us want to hear more of their songs. Releasing two albums in the last two years, it feels like Calliope Musicals are just getting started and with their fresh new take on music, they will be rising within the Austin music ranks in no time.

Young Tongue

Originally known as The Baker Family, Young Tongue changed their name, giving the band a fresh new sound and plenty of new tunes. Check out the song “Heavy Metal Thunder” to get a sense of what their music sounds like.

Ghost Wolves

Having a sound that is similar to Against Me!, Austin punk band The Ghost Wolves have a gritty sound that you’ll want to kick off your week with. Fast beats and dirty guitar riffs are what you will find in their music, making them a local punk act that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Featured photo: Calliope Musicals, The Syxth Synce

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