- October 15, 2015

Aus10 Live: Here Are 10 Great Bands To Jazz Up Your Weekend!


Friday, October 16th

Martin Sexton at The Belmont

New York guitarist Martin Sexton will be coming back to Austin this week to perform at The Belmont, a wonderful environment to see this talented guitarist perform in due to its small and up close setting. Blending Americana, soul, jazz, and blues into something that is warm and inviting, Sexton will leave his audience captivated and hoping for an encore.

Tickets: $25.00

Jesse Cook at The Paramount Theatre

Head on down to The Paramount Theatre this Friday evening to take in the sounds of flamenco guitarist Jesse Cook, as he intertwines the sounds of flamenco, jazz, rumba, and world music to turn his ideas into tunes that explode with creativity. For newcomers to Jesse’s music, you can check out his song “Shake” below, with Cook shooting the video himself while showing off his boundless creative energy that pulls listeners in with every new sound that is introduced.

Tickets: $22.50-$47.50

Chris Robinson Brotherhood at The Scoot Inn

For the crowd that enjoys the jam band sounds of The Grateful Dead, Phish, or Widespread Panic, seeing the Chris Robinson Brotherhood at the Scoot Inn this weekend will be right up your alley. With songs such as “I Ain’t Hiding”, older folks who remember The Grateful Dead in their glory days will highly enjoy the band’s songs and their improvisational style, as the music allows you to become wrapped up in its sound and feel, making you feel like you have stepped back in time.

Tickets: $25.00 (early bird admission) $30 (general admission)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at The Mohawk

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (also known as JR JR) are bringing their electronic pop tunes to town this weekend where they will be performing at The Mohawk alongside Hippo Campus. While the band’s original intentions were to keep their jam sessions to themselves, with no thought of introducing the group to the public, they ended up sharing their music anyway, resulting in an addicting collection of songs that will have you curious to hear more once they end their set.

Tickets: $17.00

The Grassy Knoll at The Mohawk

Austin jazz fusion and hip hop group The Grassy Knoll will be hitting the stage at The Mohawk this Friday evening and anyone who hasn’t yet heard them will be pleasantly surprised. Mostly active in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the group (who plays mostly instrumental music) returned earlier this year with their latest release Electric Verdeland Vol. 1, an album that sticks to their fusion roots, while also being highly addicting.

Tickets: $10.00

Saturday, October 17th

The Meditations at The Flamingo Cantina

Treating their audience to the sweet sounds of Jamaica and reggae music is The Meditations, a vocal group formed in the mid 1970’s in Jamaica. While all three members are now based in the United States, songs such as “Babylon Trap Them” prove that the group have not forgotten their roots, giving their fans a little taste of their homeland.

Tickets: $12.00

One-Eyed Doll at Dirty Dog Bar

One Eyed Doll is a local punk and metal act who will be playing a local gig this Saturday at the Dirty Dog Bar. Winning  Best Punk Band at the 2009, 2010, and 2012 Austin Music Awards, we immediately notice that they perform well, while succeeding at keeping your eyes glued to their performance, as they put on a show worth talking about.

Tickets: $13.00-$15.00 Note: anyone under the age of 21 will be charged a “minor surcharge” at the door

Technicolor Hearts at The Mohawk

Technicolor Hearts are a local band that play a mix of dreamy rock and synthpop that sounds like something out of a movie soundtrack. The band who labels their music as an art project makes for an interesting listen, as you never quite know where they will go next with each song. If you are looking for a band that performs more outside the box music, look no further than Technicolor Hearts.

Tickets: $7.00 (21+) $9.00 (minors)

Sunday, October 18th

Bring Me The Horizon at Austin Music Hall

British metal band Bring Me The Horizon have returned with their new album That’s The Spirit, and they are bringing their energetic live show to Austin, where they will blow the doors off of Austin Music Hall, making the show a memorable one in the venue’s final days. A recently announced show, the bill will include bands PVRIS, also known as Paris, and Issues as their opening acts.

Tickets: $28.50

Audrey Malone at Austin Beer Garden Brewery

To close out our list this week is local vocalist and stand up bassist Audrey Malone, who puts on a heart stopping performance with expressive Janis Joplin style vocals, and catchy country tunes that will have you dancing into the final hours of the weekend. With incredible musicians, backing her up, Malone is a musician who should not missed, as she leaves her audience highly entertained, all while wishing she would never stop.


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