- September 24, 2015

Aus10 Live: 10 Bands To Watch This Weekend!


Saturday, September 25th

Will Johnson in store performance at Waterloo Records

Musician Will Johnson will be releasing his new album Swan City Vampires this weekend and will be kicking off its release with an in store performance at Waterloo Records. Performing music that sounds similar to Neil Young and Crazy Horse, music fans that are looking to experience a haunting and raw performance will not be disappointed with making the decision to watch Johnson play live.

Palomino Shakedown at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company

While Austin has plenty of new bands popping up on a regular basis, one of the cities latest bands to hit the stage is Palomino Shakedown, whose name is a tribute to its many influences which include country, soul, and jazz. An interesting combination that feels like it would sound awkward when grouped together, it actually doesn’t sound clumsy when you hear Palomino Shakedown bridge the three genres. When the band play original tunes such as “I Won’t Run,” fans are hit with a song that is beautifully composed and tastefully performed, leaving the audience with the feeling that Palomino Shakedown is a group that is refreshing and catchy.

Budos Band at The Mohawk

For the instrumental music fans in town, we give you Budos Band as one of our choices for a band to watch this weekend. Playing horns alongside a crunchy rock sound, The Budos Band are a group that are a unique unit that present their fans with a one of a kind live show, as the band’s music is entirely void of vocals, pairing different textures and sounds together which create many twists and turns throughout their songs, making their music entertaining and different.

Tickets: $25

Chameleons Vox at The Parish

Chameleons Vox is a continuation of the British rock band The Chameleons, who have toured extensively throughout Europe and the United States from the early 1980’s up until 2000. Three years later, the band reformed and have released several albums. While the group’s fans have now seen The Chameleons Vox break up twice, their hearts will now be broken again for a third time. After releasing one album and an EP (along with a third release this year), Chameleons Vox will be saying farewell after their current US tour where they will be playing their debut record Script of the Bridge (1983) in its entirety. If you were a fan of the band during their heyday, be sure to check out the group’s performance this weekend, as it will take you straight to the 80’s as the nostalgia hits you hard.

Tickets: $20

Natty Vibes at Flamingo Cantina

Natty Vibes, also known as Natural Vibrations, are coming to Texas all the way from the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Putting their heart and soul into their reggae inspired music, Natty Vibes will be a fantastic band to kick off your weekend with as every Natty Vibes show feels like a party. Sounding reminiscent of Sublime and Bob Marley, Natty Vibes are an act you won’t want to miss.

Tickets: $10, 21+

Rick Broussard’s Two Hoots and a Holler at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company

Rick Broussard and his band Two Hoots and a Holler will be lighting up the stage at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company this Friday night with their exciting and fiery brand of country music intertwined with rock and roll. With Rick’s rough vocals rounded out by his seasoned band mates, Two Hoots and a Holler will provide Austinites with a performance full of great music that needs to be heard.

Saturday, September 26th

Christian Bland and The Revelators at Empire Control Room and Garage

Christian Bland and The Revelators, one of Austin’s many psychedelic rock groups will be performing at the launch party for the new iphone app for Austin city website Do512. Performing alongside other great Austin bands such as White Demin, come out and celebrate not only talented Austin musicians, but the very website that keeps our music scene rolling. If you download the app, you can skip the line and get free entry to the party.

Vacationer at The Mohawk

Vacationer is a band that describes themselves as nu-hula. What’s that you ask? It’s a genre that combines alternative pop with tropical music and a dash of hip hop. Fronted by The Starting Line bassist Kenny Vasoli, Vacationer play this new “genre” very well, and their latest album Relief is exactly what you think it is, a relaxing record that is a stretch creatively from the pop punk songs that The Starting Line have been churning out for over a decade.

Tickets: $15

The Blind Pets at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company

The Blind Pets are a local band that has steadily gained critical acclaim throughout Austin since their formation in 2007. With lively tunes such “Fever” off of their album Smash, fans will not be able forget their fuzzy guitar pop tunes that sound very similar to Thee Oh Sees. For this particular show, we do encourage you to get to the venue early in order to secure yourself a good spot.

Sunday, September 27th

Mike Barfield and The Horton Brothers live at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company

Mike Barfield is a local musician who will be teaming up with the Horton Brothers this weekend to play at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company. Opening for such country greats as Merle Haggard, Barfield writes catchy songs that will be ingrained in your memory when you first start listening. His friends and temporary band mates The Horton Brothers who are originally from Beaumont, Texas are also a standout band to see, as they bring Texas flavor to country music while sprinkling in a pinch of the 50’s. With rich harmonies that sound similar to The Beach Boys, along with lively guitar riffs written to get you on the dance floor, the Horton Brothers and their tunes will soon be a favorite of everyone who watches them.


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