- July 4, 2016

Aus10™ Rocks: Here’s Some Austin Music To Kick Start Your Week, July 4-10


From Wild Child, to Pushmonkey, all the way to Pong, we’ve got you covered for some new songs this week. Once again covering several genres, we hope this list gets your week started off the right way. Did you discover your new favorite band from our picks? Do you have a favorite song on this list? Tell us in the comments below.

Wild Child

Meeting after supporting a band called The Migrant on tour, musicians Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins went on to form Wild Child, a group that had success with their 2011 album Pillow Talk, as it was received well on many music blogs, leading them to become a band to watch in Austin.

Luke Redfield

After busking his way through Europe, Austin musician Luke Redfield got a lucky break after British artist Nick Harper discovered him and asked Redfield to open for him. His most recent record is The Cartographer, followed by an EP titled Uncover the Magic, both released in 2015.


After forming in 1994 after a jam session at Antone’s, Storyville would go on to become a prominent band in Austin. Their catchy jazz influenced tunes would earn the band 9 Austin Music Awards, with their latest album Dog Years released in 1998.

…And You Will Know Us by The Trail of the Dead

Known for their wild and energetic concerts, …And You Will Know Us by The Trail of the Dead, released their last album IX in 2014. Members Conrad Keely and Jason Reece are the sole members of the group and are popular for switching instruments during their live performances.


Known for their spacey and energetic rock tracks, Pong is one of Austin’s most sought after groups, releasing a live album recorded at The Continental Club a few years back. Known for their energetic live performances, Pong is a band that you will want to listen to this week.

Toni Price

Always performing on her own terms, Austin’s Toni Price has risen to achieve rock star status in Austin through her long residency at The Continental Club. She is often compared to Patsy Cline and Bonnie Raitt, who first introduced Price to the blues genre.

David Garza

After performing on the club circuit for many years, Austin guitarist David Garza managed to score a record deal in 1996. He then would release his major label debut This Euphoria in 1998. The next year, he came in second to Stevie Ray Vaughan as a nominee for Artist of the Decade at the Austin Music Awards.

Ghostland Observatory

Playing a mixture of rock, funk, and electro music, Ghostland Observatory released their debut album delete. delete. i. eat. meat in 2005. The band would become popular enough within two years to perform on Conan. While the group decided to go on a hiatus in 2013, they performed at several showcases during SXSW 2016 and are currently performing together again.

Future Clouds and Radar

Formed as a follow up to his now defunct band Cotton Mather, Robert Harrison released his first album under the name Future Clouds and Radar in 2007, with a second release a year later. Check out the song “Quicksilver” to get a taste of Harrison’s dreamy sound.


Gaining recognition for their new single “Handslide,” Pushmonkey released records up until 2005 with their album Year of the Monkey, after finding their place in the Austin music scene with their catchy and pure sound.

Featured photo: Wild Child taken by Davis Ayer

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