- September 12, 2016

Aus10™ Rocks: 10 Great Bands To Get Your Week Going!


For this week’s local music list we bring you John Garr, Lord Buffalo, Roxy Roca, and others. As always, we love to bring our readers some variety, so if you have any suggestions for bands that you would like to see featured on this list, let us know in the comments!


John Garr Band

Originally from Louisiana, Austin guitarist John Garr has made his permanent home in the Live Music Capital, with a continuing residency at The Saxon Pub performing before The Resentments. With great arrangements and 4-part harmonies, John Garr and his band are a great act to start your week out with.

Deann Rene Band

Starting her music education at the age of five by learning the piano and clarinet, Deann Rene has music in her blood. With powerful pop songs with enough force to bring the house down, Rene can be heard weekly at The Saxon Pub during her continuing residency.

Les Rav

Les Rav, the stage name of musician Lauren Bruno, is a unique Austin act that brings together a soulful piano with chamber strings to give her songs a beautiful quality. With tracks such as “Darkness,” Les Ray is one local band that you cannot afford to miss. Giving her audience beautiful music is what Bruno does best, and we hope that she never stops.


Darkest by Les RAV

Roxy Roca

In Austin, there is never a shortage of fantastic bands and Roxy Roca is one of them. Playing saucy funk and soul music, the group knows how to get a crowd going while partying all night long. With tracks such as “Try My Love” we know that you will get hooked immediately, so press play and turn it up!

Mayeux & Broussard

Adding themselves to the long list of country acts in town is Mayeux and Broussard, a band that is making a name for themselves throughout the country scene with their raw songwriting and engaging live performances.

Eric Tessmer Band

Playing a mixture of Texas blues and soul, local guitarist Eric Tessmer is a great act to watch not only for his musical skills, but also for the emotion that he puts into his live performances. If you are looking for a kick to start your week, look no further than the Eric Tessmer band.

Lord Buffalo

If you want to dip your toes into some folk-rock this week, then local act Lord Buffalo is an excellent choice. With haunting tune such as “Your Days Are Numbered” Lord Buffalo may be the right band for you.

Roger Sellers

Intertwining to many genres to name, local musician Roger Sellers creates unique songs that sound like a work of art that you want to hear more of after discovering him. Sounding new and fresh, songs such as “Waves” will get you addicted to Sellers and his songs.

The Deer

With songs such as “Take Flight” Austin folk act The Deer certainly have plenty of success coming their way in the future, due to their ability to draw their audience in with their smooth and likable tunes.


Taking heavy influence from nature and the outdoors, Hikes create beautiful tracks that will make a great impression on plenty of Austinites, for their incredibly talent and great songwriting.

Featured photo: John Garr

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