- September 26, 2016

Aus10™ Rocks: 10 Fabulous Austin Bands You Need To Hear This Week


For this week’s playlist, we’ve included longtime Austin musicians while also introducing readers to some up and coming acts such as Eyelid Kid and Golden Bear. Sure to make your week go a little smoother, take a listen to these bands below. If you have a favorite song or artist, let us know in the comments.

The Gourds

Forming as an alternative country band in 1994, The Gourds released their debut record in 1996 titled Dem Good Beeble. The group went on a hiatus in 2013 without giving a reason. Their last performance took place at popular Austin restaurant and venue Threadgill’s.

John Dee Graham

Being named Austin Musician of the Year in 2006, Austin guitarist John Dee Graham has been awarded the same award several more times since. Known for his colorful licks, Graham has released eight records.

Poi Dog Pondering

Formed in Hawaii in 1994 by musician Frank Orrall, Poi Dog Pondering was originally intended to be a solo project but soon turned into a full band that is known for experimenting with different genres. Tracks such as “Complicated” will remind longtime listeners of their vivaciousness, while introducing new listeners to their oddball style.

The Painted Redstarts

One of the younger acts in the local scene, The Painted Redstarts began making themselves known over the last several years, winning new fans at every show they play. If you are into checking out the young bands in Austin, you should not pass up The Painted Redstarts.

Eyelid Kid

The newest electronic act to hit Austin is a group called Eyelid Kid, who have a good chance of making it big. Set to release their debut full-length album Hometown soon, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Eyelid Kid.

Golden Bear

Having just released their new album Dimensional Place, soul band Golden Bear have plenty of potential for big things and with a devoted local following, the group has set their sights on an even bigger audience with their latest effort.

Ruby Jane

Well known around town as a mean fiddle player, Ruby Jane has played with some of the best in the music business while packing the house at every show. If you are new to Austin, be sure to check out Ruby Jane as you won’t be disappointed.

The Bellfurries

Sounding like old classic rock from the 50’s, The Bellfurries may just be one of Austin’s most underrated and undiscovered gems. Performing tunes that will get your week started right, this band will definitely get you jazzed for what’s ahead.

Planet Casper

A long time regular at The Continental Club, Planet Casper led by guitarist Casper Rawls, is a reminder that good music never dies, and after watching the video below of a past performance, it feels like there is no genre that Rawls can’t tackle.

Jenny Parrot

Acoustic vocalist Jenny Parrot has been performing around Austin for a while now and has taken on a residency at Dozen Street every Thursday. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out her live performance this coming week.

Featured photo: The Gourds

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