- October 31, 2016

Aus10™ Rocks: 10 Local Bands That Want To Help You Get You Through This Week


To get your week started off right, we’ve brought the best of bluegrass, punk, hip hop, and country on this week’s local Monday playlist. If you are searching for the best in the above genres, we’ve got them for you. From Nicknack, Worm Suicide, and Boxcar Preachers, these groups will certainly help you get through the week. Do you have a favorite song or artist on this week’s list? Let us know below in the comments!

Amanda Cevallos

Determination runs through every song written by Austinite Amanda Cevallos. Cevallos moved to Austin in 2009 from Missoula, Montana. From there she was able to get a residency at the Broken Spoke after meeting owner James White and winning him over with her songs. With tracks like “Crazy,” you’ll wish that you had stumbled upon Cevallos and her music sooner.

Dale Watson

Known around Austin for his regular appearances at The Broken Spoke, Dale Watson performs honest and traditional country music that is a perfect reminder of the old days of our city. Watson released his latest record Under the Influence in September, showing fans that he isn’t slowing down any time soon. If you haven’t heard him sing yet, now is the time.

Sniper 66

Austin has its fair share of great punk bands, and Sniper 66 is one of them. Sniper 66 reminds us of hardcore punk act The Casualties, creating songs that are snappy while still embodying the punk vibe of marching to the beat of your own drummer. Listen to the track “Let’s Go Have a Drink” to get into the punk rock spirit.

Worm Suicide

The next punk act on our Monday list is Worm Suicide, the perfect act to add a jolt to your Monday afternoon. This band will get you out of the midday slump, thanks to them playing some of the tightest punk rock around. Don’t miss out on listening to them this week.


“False Security” by punk rock act Equinox is the perfect band to get the party and your week off to a great start. With a snotty attitude and guitar riffs that will blow the roof off each venue the group performs at, Austinites should pay serious attention to Equinox.

Bavu Blakes

With the hip-hop scene on the rise here in Austin, Bavu Blakes is the perfect combination of the genre, complete with sprinklings of rock. After giving his song “Fine/Great” a listen, you won’t be able to get it out of your head, so much so that you’ll be humming it all week.


Churning out infectious beats on tracks such “No Alike” Nicknack has flown under the radar here in the Live Music Capital, and is an artist that more locals should be aware of. With great lyrical phrasing and DJ’s techniques, if you are looking to discover original hip hop tunes, Nicknack is the perfect fit.

The Austin Lounge Lizards

Comedy-country act The Austin Lounge Lizards has been performing around Austin since the 1980’, making crowds laugh from the very beginning. With songs such as “Rock and Roll Lawyer,” we hope you love this band as much as we do.


Reminding us a little bit of Explosions in The Sky, Balmorhea and their calming music will be running through your mind all week. If you are in search of something a bit more calming, we recommend checking out the Balmorhea track “Masollan.”

Boxcar Preachers

With songs that sound like bluegrass act Nickel Creek, Boxcar Preachers are an incredible bluegrass band that deserve a listen. Check out their song “Butterfly Reel” to get a feel for their vibe.


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