- July 18, 2016

Aus10™ Rocks: These Local Bands Will Get Your Week Hopping!


This week on our weekly playlist, we bring you bands such as T Bird and The Breaks, Hard Proof, Churchwood, and much more. All of these groups dabble in different genres while bringing a unique style to the Austin music scene. Have a favorite band or song on this list? Let us know in the comments!


T Bird and The Breaks

Releasing their album Harmonizm last year, T Bird and the Breaks made a splash within the Austin music scene for their funky and energetic tunes that bring a feel good vibe to wherever they perform. Currently on a hiatus, we are not sure when the band will return, but until they do, take a listen to their funky tunes.


Hundred Visions

Playing indie rock tunes similar to Wisconsin band Locksley, Hundred Visions perform colorful songs that will keep spinning around your head for a long time. If you are looking for a band that truly rocks, then Hundred Visions is the group for you.

Hard Proof

Bringing a funky vibe to their music, Hard Proof is a band that is as infectious as they are talented. With tracks such as “No Consideration,” we hear the how true this is first-hand, as the song pulls us in immediately, and doesn’t let us go until the track is over.

Not in The Face

After starting a band thinking that it would be funny to perform to cover tunes in a hyperactive style, the members of Not in The Face, soon found out that their formula for playing music was a huge hit and decided to stay in the group for the long-haul. With songs such as “Downtown Girl,” the group performs catchy tunes that stick in our minds.

Max Frost

After leaving UT Austin in 2012, to pursue a music career, Austinite Max Frost has been successful ever since. Signing to Atlantic Records has given this local musician a chance for the world to hear his soothing voice, allowing us to be swept away, while making us want to listen to more of his songs.


Performing songs that have become a popular draw in the Austin music scene, Churchwood is one of our cities most beloved bands. Releasing their album 3; Trickgnosis last year, the band has cemented themselves as being one of the most well-loved groups in town.


Pure X

Founded in 2013, Pure X perform psychedelic inspired rock tunes that you will love right away. With pure and honest songwriting, Pure X is not a group to pass up, so start your Monday with a more mellow song from the band titled “Starlight.”

The Eastern Sea

With influences ranging from The National to Pedro and The Lion, The Eastern Sea has been gathering a strong fan base around town for their hazy and dreamy tracks such as “Boy in Blue.” If you want to start off your week with some colorful horns and solid vocals, The Eastern Sea is the right band for you.

The Ghost Wolves

Meeting at a music festival in 2011, local rock duo The Ghost Wolves perform an incredible blend of rock and blues that you won’t be able to stop listening to. If you want to start your weekend off the right way, there is no better band to do it with than The Ghost Wolves. We like ’em so much, this week’s playlist features two of their songs. You can listen to more of their music over at Bandcamp.

Featured photo: Max Frost

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