- February 26, 2011

Arthouse at the Jones Center


Today was a bit drizzly, so I took my 3 boys to the Austin Museum of Art and then across the street to Arthouse at the Jones Center.  Arthouse is a great place to visit because it’s free and surprisingly kid-friendly.  With the exception of one video that is recommended for adults only (and is shown in a screening room), kids are encouraged to roam and explore the two stories of exhibitions.   It is not a huge museum, but there is art everywhere, from the walls to the ceiling and even in the elevator.  There are currently 6 exhibitions.

I thought these were lights, but upon closer inspection they are actually bottles of water suspended from the ceiling. This exhibition by New York-based artist Tony Feher is called Dr. Hawking.

Our favorite exhibition was Rehearsal at the Astoria, by British artist Graham Hudson.  This sculpture, which recreates a portion of the stage of London’s (now demolished) Astoria Theatre, includes scaffolding and scrap wood.  Kids are allowed to climb on the sculpture (carefully and with adult supervision).  Plus, a variety of local bands use this space for rehearsal, so if you time it right you can enjoy free musical entertainment!  We just missed a cellist rehearsing today, but were told that the 2nd floor gallery has excellent acoustics.    You can “like” the Rehearsal at the Astoria Facebook page for updates on future rehearsals.  Rehearsal at the Astoria will be at Arthouse until April 10, 2011.  Here are a few photos of my boys enjoying the exhibition.

Arthouse at the Jones Center
700 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 453-5312