- November 18, 2014

Arcie’s Austin: When Weird Ain’t Enough!


Hey y’all! It’s Arcie Cola. Yes, that Arcie Cola. Welcome to my new blog! Arcie’s Austin aims to showcase some of the many things I love about our city, along with fun pop cultural tidbits from the internet and beyond. I asked my fans what they wanted to see on this blog, and they said everything (greedy pigs) so here’s my attempt to deliver. Whether or not y’all know who I am, I’m tickled pink to be working in partnership with Austin.com! And speaking of tickled pink…

Fun with Fashion

Pepto Bismol pink is NOT my color. BTW I hate you.

Pepto Bismol pink is NOT my color. BTW I hate you.

Actually, no, Little Kitty is not tickled pink to be wearing this cute sweater from Bark and Purr, but what she doesn’t understand is that it was the best compromise to the dreaded “cone of shame.” So, I don’t feel bad about it. Besides, she could use some extra warmth during this early cold snap. In fact, if she doesn’t succeed in tearing it off with her elderly snaggleteeth, I might be tempted to buy some more. Or maybe I’ll DIY it like this other crazy cat lady. Me-effin-ow! What would Karl Lagerfeld do?

Keep it Warm

Can y’all believe we’ve been freezing our bits off for a whole week? Seriously, what’s up with that? It ain’t even Thanksgiving! I don’t know about y’all, but when the mercury drops it takes me some time to get used to it, and one of my favorite ways to battle the chill is with a nice, hearty soup. In fact, I’m simmering a leftover roasted chicken as I type.

If y’all fired up the stove recently and have some leftover bones, why not make a stock? Contrary to popular belief, y’all don’t need to add a bunch of herbs and veggies, although it’s nice to have them. Just pop that picked-over carcass into a pot, add water to cover, and simmer on low heat for at least a couple of hours. Strain out the bones then use the stock as a base for whatever soup y’all want. Tonight, I’m feeling like potato soup, but hey, y’all can make some other kind. I won’t judge.

Day Drinkin’ with the Ex…Boss

Besides a delicious soup, I love warming up with good friends and good drinks. Recently, I had a chance to indulge both of those pastimes with Johnny Livesay, chef and co-founder of Black Star Co-op, and my boss back when I was stacking apples for a paycheck. See, it’s (occasionally) possible to have fun with your (former) superiors! Johnny is that rarity known as an “Austin Native” and he has no intention of abandoning his hometown, in spite of the explosive growth.

I asked him his favorite thing about Austin and y’all know what that smart ass said? “The traffic. That or what used to be Lake Travis. What an unrecognizable puddle that has become.” Very funny, Mr. Livesay, very funny. See what else he had to say during our lazy afternoon here, and check out some interviews with other awesome Austin folks while y’all are there.

Well, that about does it for now. Time to strain the stock! If y’all like what y’all read here, please share it with friends and keep coming back for more. Follow me on Twitter or be my Facebook friend for even more bits of fluff and guff. Believe me, there’s a lot more where that came from!

Featured photo: Stephen C. Webster.