- June 13, 2016

Andra Day Delivers Breathtaking Tribute To Orlando Shooting Victims During Austin City Limits Set


California vocalist Andra Day is on the rise in the music industry with her recently released record Cheers To The Fall, so we sat up and took notice of her performance on Austin City Limits on Sunday.

Clearly, Day had the massacre in Orlando on her mind, and dedicated her song “Rise Up” to the families and victims of the terrorist attack. She began the song by addressing the crowd with the following statement:

“I’m sure you are all familiar with our neighbors in Orlando, Florida and what happened earlier today. Fifty people have been murdered in cold blood, and I think it would be remiss of us not to have, sort of, a moment of silence and a moment of remembering them, and just our hearts going out to their families.”

After the short speech, she gave a moving and stunning performance that absolutely demonstrated her mastery of using music to hold us in exactly the way we need during times of tragedy. In all, it was a deeply touching, emotional performance on a day when we really, really needed it. Click the image above to give it a watch.

Thanks, Andra.


Photo: Andra Day.