- October 8, 2016

Adventure in Austin: Northwest Greenway


Katie is exploring every hiking trail, swimming hole, park and breathtaking view in Austin. This week she ventured off to the Northwest Greenway! 


Confession: I really wanted to go to Target, so I wanted to find a hiking spot around Target. That whole two birds, one stone thing, you know? Literally searched the maps app for “hiking near target” with zero results found. I’m expecting that to be fixed in the next update, Apple.

Anyhow. Eventually found the Northwest Greenway near my preferred destination! I ventured off and when I first arrived, I was surrounded by hospitals and apartment buildings. I was a little apprehensive and nervous that I would have to quickly find another spot. Not to fear. I persevered and simply kept walking. I feel like that’s the key more often than not. Note that this is more of a pathway, perfect for a loop and some good running, walking or biking – not a strenuous hiking path!


Started it off with just a STELLAR parking job.


The pathway is 10 feet wide and dirt most of the time, with enough room for bikers and strollers. Doing some research on Mueller’s website, the loop is five miles. Notice on your own adventure here that there are markers like this one:


I love when paths have distance markers like this. It means you don’t need to look at your phone or use data to keep track of how far you’ve gone! Put that phone away! Breathe the good air.

I walked a ways and found a playground and a beautiful ivy covered trellis. This screamed idyllic picnic spot to me, so I’ll share the news with you. Please bring a date or a friend or your dog here for a sweet picnic. The shade was glorious on this hot day.

There are more trellises like this one throughout the park and on the path, so don’t get too worried if this one is taken. Onward! I kept walking and crossed Aldrich to find myself at Mueller Lake Park. This is a sweet, sweet area that you can tell just soars with activity. The Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller is every Sunday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and there is an amphitheater that hosts Alamo Drafthouse movie showings. You can see a list of upcoming events here.


The pathway to Mueller Lake Park.


Look at how pretty! Notice the Thinkery over there. Perfect day with the kids is basically already planned!


Lots of steps that are perfect for box jumps.


This legitimately took nine attempts.




The ground and another trellis.

On the walk back, I walked through more of the industrial side of this trail. Remember, Target was calling my name. But I loved this area. I could see coming to the farmer’s market early Sunday morning (remember, it opens at 10!) and spending the day walking the trails and eating the good food purchased at said farmer’s market.

Good job, Northwest Greenway! You were exactly what I was looking for today.

Quick Facts:

  • Address: Philomena Street, Austin, TX
  • Hours: 5 a.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Walking trails (no strenuous hiking), bikes allowed, strollers allowed, picnic spots.
  • Cost: Free
  • For more information, check out their website.

Katie is exploring every spot around Austin. Have any suggestions? Leave a comment below! Check out some of her other posts about these adventurous places: 360 Overlook, McKinney FallsBarton Creek Greenbelt