- October 15, 2016

Adventure In Austin: Chisholm Trail Park


Katie is exploring every hiking trail, swimming hole and breathtaking view in Austin. This week’s adventure was Chisholm Trail Park in Round Rock. Have suggestions for where she should go next? Leave them in comments below!


Happy weekend! I have a post today for all of you northern Northerners. I ventured up your way to Round Rock and was able to experience a great trail – thanks for your hospitality, guys!

Since I was heading north in the morning, the traffic wasn’t terrible at all. I put in 500 Chisholm Trail Rd, Round Rock and headed on my way. It was a misty morning, which made for great light and great walking weather. This isn’t a hiking trail, but still was so much fun to explore. I was delighted to see a waterfall right off the bat when I walked further down Chisholm Trail Road from the parking lot.




Chisholm Trail Road ^ and the bridge without barriers. Watch out!


Be careful and don’t fall in! Because there is basically no distance between the rocks your standing on and the rocks being drenched and drenched.


Exhibit A.

You’re welcome for the weekly picture of my shoes. (Just do it.) (Sponsorship, Nike?)

This park has plenty of spots for picnics and relaxing by the water. It might have been the day or time of day, but this park was also completely secluded. It made for a sweet, gentle morning, which I would always recommend. There were nooks and crannies jutting out from the water, rocks and shade for hot days and a couple of picnic tables and benches for eating those packed lunches.

From here, I walked further down the trail. It was beautiful, you guys.



Pretty positive Woody Woodpecker lives here.


And! Not only was it beautiful and a fun trail to explore, you can see giant birds! This is a heron of some kind, right?


This was a fun spot! I loved exploring and not knowing exactly where I was going, maybe that’s a personality trait? But it was a blast. It was a little overgrown, so strollers wouldn’t work here! But this would be a perfect spot to bring your dog for a walk. Try and go on a misty morning, because I loved that aspect of this trip, too!


Wanted to leave you with this image from the bridge / the road. Again, be careful with little ones and with yourself – there are no barriers on the bridge. All in all, check this place out, friends! Go take a picture of a heron or Woody Woodpecker!

Quick Facts:

  • Address: 500 Chisholm Trail Rd, Round Rock
  • Hours: 6:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
  • Dogs OK! Food OK! Walking, not hiking!
  • Cost: Free