- September 24, 2016

Adventure in Austin: 360 Overlook


Maybe you just moved here or don’t enjoy listening to people who tell you where to go! Those are probably the only two reasons you haven’t been to 360 Overlook. But Katie is new here and exploring every part of Austin. 360 Overlook (Also known as Pennybacker Bridge) was this week. Let’s go.


Anytime Adventures: Sunset Edition

You guys. If you need to know anything about me, it’s that I absolutely adore light. Being a photographer will do that to you. I notice good light, speckled light, harsh light, dark shadows, cool shadows, just lots of things. But the greatest light is sweet light. That’s why you have to go to 360 Overlook at sunset.

Yes, stare at the sunset. Contemplate life, indeed. But also turn around and see how beautiful the sunset is making everything around you! Like that mountain / hill / piece of rock pictured above.

In order to get to this beautiful view, enter 5300 N Capital of Texas Highway into your gps of choice. You’ll see a row of cars on the right side and that’s where you can park, as well.


Row of cars. You may not see that exact car. But one similar to it, I’m sure!

From there, follow a path up to a bunch of steep rocks that my friend pointed out are smooth and almost slippery because of how many people have climbed them before you. Feel that weight for a second. And then move along and keep on climbing.


^ parking sign. And the path that leads you to all those rocks.


That’s my friend! Hey, Kate! Keep walking up those rocks. You’re doing so well!


This is about halfway up the little mountain. Stop and enjoy this preview.

At this point, while you’re soaking in this baby view, your friends will have already abandoned you up the mountain. At this point, yell and apologize for taking a while, but deep down know that you’re making the better choice and continue staring towards your left.


As you can see: friends may become impatient with your picture taking.

But at this point, you realize that your friends may be correct in knowing that the view up there is just better. Continue upwards.

Hit the top and realize how mistaken you were for spending five minutes at the baby view when this is what was waiting for you:





Soak in the view. Take time to sit there and think about how absolutely awesome Austin is and how lucky you are to live here. And take some pictures! Because this is the best light in the world, I promise.


Also, if you have a potential spouse whose name starts with a G and your name starts with a P (or vice versa!), propose here. Because, come on.


Anyway. This spot is extremely worth it. Go see a sunrise, go see a sunset. Sit there and remind yourself what you’re grateful for; it’ll do your soul some good.


Quick Facts:

  • Address: 5300 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX 78730
  • Hours: Sunrise to sunset
  • Come for the view. Stay for the view.