This weekend’s Women’s March on Austin sure made for some exciting memories and even more exciting photos. The aerial views of Texans of all stripes and from all walks of life coming together to speak out for women’s issues, like this drone video by Holp Photography, were downright goose bump inspiring.

Of course, passion, dedication, and a huge dose of wit were on display aplenty, thanks to the more than 50,000 people who showed up, according to organizers. We quite enjoyed the cleverness of the protest signs that punctuated the event, too. But don’t take our faves as any kind of political endorsement — these are just a few of our favorites.

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But first, check out that crowd! Wow! And special thanks to Holp Photography for letting us use the video. Great work!

Now, onto the signs. To start, this photo features contributor Melissa Masello marching near no less than State Senator Wendy Davis.


I'm nasty? My rights are not up for grabs ??⚡ #womensmarch

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#womensmarchonaustin #lifeinsidethislife

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Yas kwane

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Awesome original sign at #womensmarchonaustin #matthewmcconaughey by @girl_eats_all

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#WomensMarch in #Austin #Atx #Texas … #hope #action #peace #love #equality … #latergram

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#WomensMarch #Austin

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Trump is a puppet

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Some days we're a power couple, some days we're more of a… "fight the power" couple.

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I love the spirit in this moment. #fallopians121 #theaudacityofgrope #spirit #womenrock #womensmarchonaustin #lifeinsidethislife

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As Jude and I were getting ready to go to the march this morning he asked me what was going on and why… I paused before I spoke because I wasn't sure how to explain this the best way to my nearly 5 year old… "Well, there's someone with a lot of power saying really mean things about women and trying to belittle us, and we're gathering to show that it's not ok. It's not ok to be mean to someone because of their sex or race or sexual preferences or how they dress or how they were born. We all deserve the same rights and when we gather together we can show we are strong… " I teared up at the end and Jude acknowledged me in complete understanding and said "ok let's go"…. ❤❤❤❤ (last minute sign- "women's right are human rights" & last minute pussy ears- "Uterus with or us or Uterus against us".) #xoxo to everyone who came out today to @womensmarchonaustin #womensmarchonaustin and to everyone who held this idea in their hearts as well! It was an amazing experience for Jude and I to see all the signs and be a part of the drum jam dancing and just the general strength in numbers. People are so rad. #rightsforall

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#womensmarch #womensmarchonaustin

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Respect existence or expect resistance #womensmarchonaustin

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#womensmarchaustin #whyimarch

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Another sign from Austin. #womansmarch #trumpyourcat #mycatissmarterthanyourpresident

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Some great things I witnessed at the march. #womensmarchaustin ?

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Shout out to all the men who showed up and marched beside us Saturday. #mcm

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thought that this was kind of important and didn't even realize until this morning. feminism isn't just for people with a vagina, it is for all people. and to center feminism around having a vagina is actually very toxic because not every person who has a vagina is a woman and not every woman has a vagina. while fighting for reproductive rights is crucial right now, remember that feminism isn't just about that, there are so so many things were trying to fight for. also, if you were marching yesterday but weren't marching for EVERY woman that comes from every walk of life, you didn't deserve to be there. if you were only concerned with yourself (white feminists: this is for you!) then you should very much so reconsider your 'feminist' mindset and think about why you were marching yesterday. i myself am guilty of this i had a sign that said pussy power but i was not looking to exclude transwomen at all and i bet a lot of people weren't either, so for the next women's march let's remember to include our sisters, not just our cis-ters. #womensmarch #womensmarchonaustin #marchonaustin

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#womensmarchonaustin Peace, love, and friendship

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