For 2015, The OraCola Wants Austin To Try A New Route

You are reading "The Ora-Cola," a blog by the one and only Arcie Cola!

You are reading “The Ora-Cola,” a blog by the one and only Arcie Cola!

Hello Tarot-Scope fans! According to the Gregorian calendar, it’s 2015 — a new year. Of course, the actual new year is debatable, but western culture is hell-bent on proclaiming January 1 as the beginning. Who am I to argue?

Going with the theme du jour, let’s toss out The Seasons spread. This is a simple four-card pattern, with the points of the ‘compass’ representing the four seasons. Beginning at the top, and going clockwise around we have:





nov 2010 035

 It’s not enough to wish for it, you have to be prepared.

The Spring is about beginnings, and at the start of an adventure we always hope for the best. The recipe for that craft cocktail in our cup contains more than a few parts of our emotions. We drink it with the best intentions, but you can never count on how it’s going to go down. If we’re in tune with ourselves, our feelings can be valuable guides. What does your intuition say about that bar? If it doesn’t feel right, mosey on down the street and find another one!

Summertime is the time for nurturing our creations. Just as our bodies require nutrients to thrive, our spirits require ongoing care and consideration. Daring to conceive the future we desire is daring to take a step up the ladder of consciousness. It can be challenging, but the most precious rewards are found in doing the work. Don’t be a lazy butt! Make a plan and stick to it if you want to give yourself the best chance at success.

As the days grow shorter, so does our patience. The exhaustion of maintaining a steady course can weaken our resolve to persevere. It’s all too easy to give in to the temptation to cheat, but you’re better than that! Be on the lookout for moments of self-sabotage, and forcefully redirect the energy before you ruin all your hard work.

The longest nights of the year are tailor made for contemplation. Dreaming and scheming, we whittle away at our insecurities and get comfortable with the darker places we find. The cyclical nature of the moon is a potent reminder that cycles of growth and change are an inevitable part of life. Though the light of the moon may be dim at times, you know it will eventually get brighter, so don’t be afraid.

Whether or not you mark the change of the calendar with a change in your life, it’s always wise to take a moment to see where you are. Go with your gut if you feel the need to follow a different road. You can always make a U-turn if you don’t like the scenery.


Featured photo: Flickr user Donnie Ray Jones, creative commons licensed.