- February 7, 2018

17 Perfect Austin Proposals That Stole Our Hearts

Are you planning to propose to the love of your life soon and find yourself in need of some inspiration? Or perhaps you’re about to embark on a special date or a series of Valentine’s Day adventures and want to soak up some romantic vibes to help you woo your beloved?

As always, we’re totally here to help. We’ve scoured the internet and compiled this list of 17 of the most impressive and adorable Austin marriage proposals that were plotted, executed, and filmed by local lovebirds. Enjoy!

1.) If¬†you hire a musician to sing & play while you dance with your boo, you’re probably doing it right

2.) Arranging an entire classical concert for your beau works, too ūüėČ

3.)¬†Or you know, get a dinosaur to help you pop the question…

4.) Even better if you’re willing to get vulnerable¬†in front of your peers.¬†Good work, sir!

5.) And remember to pick a meaningful location (also, yay for Longhorn love!)

6.) What better way is there to¬†propose in the Live Music Capital of the World than on stage at a friggin’ Ed Sheeran concert?

7.) Unless, of course, you’re actually planning on performing a love song¬†yourself… eee!!!

8.) We’re big¬†fans of sending your bae on an elaborate scavenger hunt leading¬†to¬†the ultimate treasure — you!

9.) Go ahead, have another!

10.) Then there’s this beautiful Mount Bonnell proposal filmed with a sneaky little camera drone. So much yes!

11.) Speaking of Mount Bonnell… this one’s really going to get you.

12.) Flash mob proposals are almost always a win!

13.) Especially if they’re performed with¬†the weird and wonderful flair of Austin’s nightlife.

14.) Yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and leave this one here too. Awww.

15.) Does family mean a lot to your S.O.? Get all of their loved ones involved like this guy did!

16.) This one is just… wow. Look how happy their church is for them! <3

Screenshot: First UMC Austin. Watch the full proposal here.

17.) And finally, everything about this proposal is so¬†utterly romantic and perfect, we’re ending with it. *SWOON*

The bottom line is that planning an Austin marriage proposal is about more than just stringing together some details and popping the question. Yes, your significant other loves you and they’re going to be overjoyed to marry you for you (hopefully), but if you’ve decided to be the one to propose, it’s up to you to demonstrate how much your girlfriend or boyfriend means to you and how much work you’re willing to put into the relationship moving forward — so go out of your way to make it special.

Good luck, all you Austin lovebirds out there! #loveislove


Featured photo: Flickr user Harold Litwiler, Creative Commons licensed