- January 12, 2016

Austin On A Budget: 10 Money Saving Tips For Locals And Visitors Alike

Many people make new year’s resolutions to be better with their spending habits. Each purchase is a choice, and for many, they see they need to be more disciplined. But self-discipline isn’t easy. Compounding the issue of spending is Austin’s affordability. As much as local politicians talk about affordability, you’d think it’d be cheap to live in Austin. But it isn’t, so making your budget stretch can be difficult. Still, it is possible.

To help you make it happen, here are 10 ways Austinites live on the cheap and save money. Perhaps you’ve tried some, but even for the thriftiest penny pincher there’s always another way to save.

10.) Go to free events

Photo: Flickr user Davidlohr Bueso, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user Davidlohr Bueso, creative commons licensed.

If you find yourself hearing about awesome free events the day after they happen, make the Austin.com community calendar part of your weekly routine. It’s a one-stop-shop for all the information you need to keep yourself entertained, and many of the events there are completely free! Now you have no excuse to stay in all the time. Get online, then get out there!