- July 31, 2019

10 Ways Austinites Conquer The Summer Heat

If there is one thing Austinites know to be true, it’s that the summer months are crazy hot. But making the most of the crazy heat is also what locals do best. Here are 10 nearby hotspots that help to tackle these sweaty and humid days in all of the very best ways.

Splash Pads

Austin.com is and always has been a site that celebrates and promotes the unique people and places of Austin, TX and surrounding cities. Though many businesses, locations, and events are closed at this time, we continue to highlight those things so that you can plan to experience them in the future.

Adult Austinites probably don’t want to show up to these kid-dominated locales (though no one is technically stopping you), they’re definitely a great spot for parents to cool off alongside the kiddos. Splash pads stretch from south Austin to Cedar Park, and you can find one near you with our guide to Splash Pads in Austin and Beyond.


Free Pools

There is no shortage of pools in the Austin area, and they definitely come in handy during these sweaty summer months. The best part? Most of these pools are free, to boot! Go ahead and cannonball into some fun with these top local swimming spots.

Hotel Pools

PSA – Many of Austin’s best hotel pools offer admission without ever having to book a hotel room. Some even offer totally FREE entry. Ready to dive into these deals? Check out our list of best hotel pools here.

Swimming Holes

Tired of the pool scene and looking for an adventure that’s oh-so-very-Austin? The Central Texas swimming hole scene provides a unique way to relax and spend a day out in nature with friends and family.

Ice Cream


These summer months have Austinites screaming for ice cream, and fortunately, there is no shortage of this sweet, frozen treat. A few fan favorites: The classic Amy’s Ice Cream, the innovative and fun flavors of Lick’s Honest Ice Cream, and Thai Style rolled deliciousness at Holla Mode.


Austin “Beaches”

Okay, so Austin doesn’t technically have beaches, but we do have one of the largest networks of rivers and lakes in the state. Throw some sand and sunshine into the mix, and it’s almost as good as the real thing. Find all of the best places for that beautiful mixture of sun and fun here.

Barton Springs

This thousand foot natural limestone pool deserves its very own spot on the list. Since 1837, Barton Springs has been keeping Austinites cool with its laid back vibes and 68 degree spring water. Talk about a chill classic.

Patio Bars

A frozen cocktail or ice-cold beer always helps make that crazy Texas humidity seem just a little bit more bearable. When the heat wave gets to be a real buzzkill….Patio bars to the rescue!

Indoor Fun

Just can’t stand being outside for one second longer? Lucky for the locals, Austin is a city overflowing with indoor activities and adventures. From laser tag to rock climbing and everything in between, escaping the heat is just a new reason to explore in this wonderful city.

Restaurants That Keep It Cool

Goodbye, food coma. Hello all foods frozen, chilled, and refreshing. Austinites will rejoice with this list of local restaurants that help keep the sweat on the down low.