- September 28, 2015

10 Reasons Why Xeriscaped Lawns Are Catching On In Austin

Is your yard toast? It’s hard to keep an Austin yard lush and green. But what if a green lawn wasn’t what you were going for? You’d be happy with a brown lawn if that what it was supposed to look like. If you xeriscape, you can have a healthy lawn without worrying it’ll die if you miss a watering day.

Technically speaking, xeriscaping is landscaping an area where it requires little or no irrigation. Typical xeriscapes incorporate rocks, gravel, and hearty native plants. Some people around Austin have taken to xeriscaping easily, which may explain why there are so many of these lawns springing up all over central Texas — but others still need convincing.

This post is for those folks. Here are ten reasons why xeriscaped lawns are catching on in Austin. If even one of them sounds appealing, you should definitely check into xeriscaping your home sweet home too. 

10.) No dead patches in your lawn

Photo: Flickr user Jay Cross, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user Jay Cross, creative commons licensed.

Without large areas covered with grass, you won’t have unsightly dead patches. If grass won’t grow in a shaded spot, try a shade-loving plant or rock feature.