- November 29, 2016

10 Reasons Austin is a Great Place to Be Pregnant


Image by Jennifer Najvar of Jennifer Najvar Photography.

We already know Austin is a great place to live and a fantastic place to raise kids. But it’s also a seriously great place to be pregnant. Our friend Jennifer Najvar, Founder of Austin Expecting, shares ten reasons why!

10 Reasons Austin Is a Great Place to Be Pregnant

1. Austin Expecting: Austin’s Most Exhaustive Pregnancy Resource

The Austin Expecting website is your one-stop shop for all things pregnancy related in Austin! On Mother’s Day 2016, Austin Expecting was launched in an effort to provide the most robust resource available for Austin’s expecting women and families. As a locally-driven online resource, Austin Expecting is focused specifically on prenatal, birth and postpartum services in Austin. With a comprehensive and completely exhaustive directory of local providers, an extensive calendar of events for pre- and post-natal parents, and tons of content provided by experts in the local birth community, Austin Expecting offers a single, go-to platform for expecting families, from planning to pregnancy to postpartum.

2. A Super Diverse Professional Birth Community on Tap

Going all natural at home, medicated in the hospital, or somewhere in between, Austin boasts a truly diverse array of care providers from OBGYNs to Midwifery Services to support the choices you make about the kind of birth and delivery you want.

3. Alternative Options Abound. Want to deliver at home? No problem.

In Austin, you’ve got options when it comes to where you choose to deliver your baby. Many women are opting to deliver at one of Austin’s birthing centers or even in their own home. Whatever and wherever you want your birth to be, Austin has the resources to guide and support you along the way.

4. We’ve Got Doulas-Galore!

A growing number of families opt for working with a birth or postpartum doula. Even with a supportive partner, a doula can offer knowledge, support, and an extra set of hands, as well as remind you of all those tools you learned in your childbirth class, advocate on your behalf, help you and your partner through labor and birth, and offer support all the way through the fourth trimester.

5. A Seriously Creative Climate Giving you Access to Fantastic Photographers

In a city with such a hugely creative population, you can definitely find a photographer who is aligned with your personal style and aesthetic sensibilities, whether you’re looking for maternity, birth or newborn portraits. But, don’t wait until your baby is here to schedule your portrait session! Newborn Sessions typically occur during the first two weeks after your baby’s arrival. It is a good idea to schedule your photography session before you reach 30 weeks.

6. Childbirth Classes in Every Color, Size and Shape

Knowledge is power, and the great news is, when you’re in the market for childbirth education — from the Lamaze classes that your mother likely attended, to Birth Boot Camp, Hypnobirthing, The Bradley Method, to childbirth classes just for dads, and more — the options available for Austin families are phenomenal.

7. A Tremendous Array of Natural and Holistic Options for Health and Wellness

Throughout your pregnancy, you’re obviously going to want to prioritize your own health and self-care. From prenatal chiropractic care, to yoga and fitness classes specifically for pregnancy, to prenatal nutritionists, and placenta encapsulators, Austin has got it all.

8. Tons of Support Devoted to Helping You Succeed in Parenthood

Austin is overflowing with community support for new and expecting families. With wonderful pregnancy and parenting centers to dozens of pre-/post-natal support groups, parenting consulting companies offering guidance for specific childhood needs, pregnancy and postpartum counselors who specialize in working with women who may be experiencing prenatal anxiety, postpartum depression or other perinatal disorders, to mommy and me classes and activities all over the greater Austin area on a weekly basis, there really is support for every new parent. And, let us not forget to mention the numerous wonderful non-profits working tirelessly to provide support to mothers and babies throughout Austin and beyond.

9. Austin is Amazingly Breastfeeding-Friendly

From Breastfeeding Basics to Back-to-Work Breastfeeding to postnatal support circles, there are support groups offered all over town. Plus, Lactation Consultants are readily available in addition to a strong community of organizations offering breastfeeding support, milk banking services, assistance getting your breast pump, and an incredibly active community of non-profits working to expand support for breastfeeding mothers.

10. Daily Activities Just for Austin’s New and Expecting Families

Take one look at the Austin Expecting calendar, and you’ll find an extensive calendar of all the events of interest for new and expecting parents in Austin including classes, open houses, tours, seminars, workshops, mommy/daddy and me activities and local baby expos, all for you!



 Austin newborn and maternity photographer Jennifer Najvar founded Austin Expecting with a simple goal: to build and foster relationships throughout the local birth community. Head over to Austin Expecting to find a growing list of resources just for Austinites for all things pregnancy from planning to postpartum.