- May 21, 2015

10 Austin Bands That Will Blow The Doors Off Your Weekend


Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World, which means it can be overwhelming to pick which Austin bands to go see on the weekend. That’s why we are now picking for you — 10 of ’em, every single Thursday.

No matter which one of these shows you go see, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. If you dig this kind of thing, scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up to have these show recommendations delivered to your email. You’ll get ’em before everyone else, because you’re just that cool.

Now, go out there and see some Austin bands! 

–The Editor

Friday, May 22nd

Alan Haynes at Maggie Mae’s

When Alan Haynes began playing guitar at the age of eight, he never thought about making a living as a professional musician, though we are very glad he did. Having a basis in the blues, Alan has perfected his playing style to illustrate his rich and vibrant guitar skills. In this video below, Haynes tries out a guitar through an old amp, and as he plays his instrument delicately, we are taken away by his smooth style.

Connor Forsyth Band at One-2-One Bar

For all of you South Austin folks, seeing local pianist Connor Forsythe at the One-2-One Bar is a perfect way to kick off your weekend. With strong vocals and a snappy ability to make any piano sound good, Forsythe will get your weekend started off right by making sure that everyone watching has a memorable time.

Nic Armstrong and The Thieves at The Gatsby

Listening to Nic Armstrong and The Theives is like taking a step back in time, as his music sounds very reminiscent of The Beatles. Born in England, Armstrong has made his home in Austin, and his 60’s inspired music is very fitting for keeping Austin “weird.” The musicians that make up The Thieves feel very Beatles influenced as well, as the bands entire appearance comes from another era, giving the Austin music scene a refreshing sound that’s adds to the cities diverse love of music.

Saturday, May 23rd

Shadow of the Whales at Dirty Dog Bar

Shadows of the Whale is one of Austin’s best kept secrets, as their brand of indie rock is some of the best to hit Austin in years. With songs such as “Dream”, the band adds a color and vibrancy to indie rock that we haven’t seen in a long time, coupled with a catchiness that can’t be ignored. With sharp harmonies that have an addictive quality, we want to hear more, and we hope that Shadows of the Whale will give their fans what they want.

Tickets: $10

Warren Hood at Austin Beer Garden

Warren Hood is one of Austin’s most accomplished and addictive fiddle players that brings a fresh and new feel to country music, while also being a musician that is guaranteed to leave other performers in the dust. Haunting and beautiful, Warren Hood is not a musician you want to miss, no matter where your musical tastes lie.

Lloyd Tripp at the White Horse

When one listens to Austin’s Lloyd Tripp, fierce is the right word to describe his passionate playing style. Taking cues from greats such as Elvis and Buddy Holly, Tripp comes on stage and rips it to shreds, leaving the audience to wonder just what Tripp’s story is. Consistently tight, Lloyd demonstrates beautifully what every musician should know how to do: play well, get the crowd rocking, and leave all of the other bands a little fearful of the headliner.

DJ Scotty Upton and Endless Youth at Beerland

If you are looking to get your weekend into high gear, you can head on over to Beerland, one of the city’s best punk clubs, where you can check out DJ Scotty Upton as he spins some of your favorite tracks, while also sharing the stage with Endless Youth and a band that is yet to be announced. Below, you can get a taste for the style of music that Scotty likes to spin.

Sunday, May 24th

Bells of Joy at Threadgill’s

If you are looking to add a little bit of soul and feeling to your Sunday morning, you can head on down to Austin’s famous Threadgill’s restaurant to lose yourself in the Bells of Joy, a gospel group that was formed in 1947, with only one original member left. With rich harmonies and soulful vibes, Bells of Joy will sure be a relaxing end to your weekend and as well as helping you ease in to the workweek.

Skye Strickler at Lucky Lounge

For those Austinites who are looking for a musician who veers more towards the mainstream, they can check out Skye Strickler, a local singer who influences range from ZZ Top, to crooners such Sam Smith and Michael Buble. With breezy and smooth vocals, Strickler pulls you into the songs he sings and doesn’t let you go, guaranteeing that you will leave the club as a fan.

Devin Jakes at Javelina

If you want to start your music discovery early this weekend, you can head to Javelina’s on Rainey Street to hear the sweet and soothing sounds of up and coming country artist Devin Jakes, as his down home version of country music will get you singing and clapping along, before you rush home to devour his laidback country songs.


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