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Sometimes, it pays to be orange.

A friend of the UT Austin Athletics staff brought real freaking Bengal tigers to the Longhorns’ football locker room recently. Two of ’em — cubs, to be exact. As you might expect, the situation quickly spun out of control. Once they’d overcome their captor, the two beasts went on a rampage throughout the whole complex, pouncing on UT Austin athletes with ferocious cuteness and leaving a trail of snuggles in their wake.

Fortunately, one of the brave souls present happened to film this rare event. That footage recently surfaced on the Texas Longhorns’ Facebook page, reposted below with permission from

Beware: The video you’re about to see is definitely safe for work, but it may not be appropriate for anyone prone to overloads of cuteness, people who even occasionally says the words (?) “totes adorbs,” or Aggies. Especially not Aggies. Some viewers have reported seeing splotches and/or stripes of orange in their vision for up to five minutes after watching this. As we know all too well here in Austin, Aggies hate when that happens.

What happens when you turn two Bengal tigers loose in the Texas Longhorns football locker room? Watch and see for yourself! Read more: with permission from

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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